attilabey.gif (25943 bytes) Dr. Attila Askar is currently a professor of mathematics Koç University. Prior to his current appointment, Dr. Askar served Koç University as professor of mathematics, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Provost and President. His previous academic appointments included positions at Bogaziçi University in Istanbul, Brown University, Princeton University, Paris University VI, Max-Planck Institute in Göttingen and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Attila Askar received recognitions which include the Junior Scientist; and Science awards of the National Research Council (Tübitak), the Information Age Award of the Ministry of Culture and is a member of the National Academy of Sciences of Turkey. His recent research interests included scattering of classical and quantum waves; wavelet analysis and molecular dynamics. He is the author of over eighty research journal articles and two books. Attila Askar received his Engineering Diploma from the Technical University of Istanbul in 1966 and his PhD from Princeton University in USA in 1969.


Selected Journal Articles (since 1990)

1. "Nonlinear Surface Gravity waves: Continuous and Discontinuous Solutions", M. Can, A. Askar, Wave Motion 12, 485 (1990).

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5. "Discrete-Continuum Hybrid model for Gas-Surface Collisions II: Closed Form Perturbation Solutions for Single Collisions", A. Askar, H.A. Rabitz, Surface .Science 245, 425 (1991)

6. "Subsoil geology and soil amplification in Mexico Valley", P. Hadley, A. Askar, A.S. Cakmak, Int. J. Soil Dyn. Earthqu. Eng. 10, 101 (1991).

7. "Earthquake Wave Propagation in Layered Media dy Boundary Itegral Methods", P. Hadley, A. Askar, A.S. Cakmak, Int. J. Soil Dyn. Earthqu. Eng. 10, 130 (1991).

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1. "Methods in Applied Algebra and Analysis", A. Askar, Bogazici Üniversitesi (1981)

2. "Lattice Dynamical Foundations of Continuum Theories of Solids", A. Askar, Series in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, World Scientific (1986).

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