20th International Workshop on

Pseudo-Hermitian Hamiltonians in Quantum Physics

31 July – 04 August, 2023, Koç University, Istanbul




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Preliminary list of speakers & their talks (Updated on July 28, 2023)


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Abu Moise, Abed Alsalam (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada):

Entropy and entanglement in a bipartite quasi-Hermitian system and its Hermitian  counterparts

Badhani, Himanshu (Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India):

PT-symmetric quantum walk: exploring the reduced dynamics

Christodoulides, Demetrios (University of Southern California, US):

Thermalization dynamics of nonlinear non-Hermitian optical lattices

Correa, Francisco (Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile):

Moduli spaces in field theories with PT-regularized solitons

Erdamar, Serra (Washington University in St. Louis, US):

Work fluctuations in the non-Hermitian dynamics of a superconducting qubit

Hashimoto, Kazunari (University of Yamanashi, Japan):

Signature of Liouvillian exceptional point in stationary current noise

Hatano, Naomichi (University of Tokyo, Japan):

Quantum transport on the Bethe lattice with non-Hermitian source and drain

Inzunza, Luis (Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile):

Dimensional reduction approach to superintegrable PT-symmetric systems

Joglekar, Yogesh (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), US):

Breaking quantum speed limit and creating super-quantum correlations with PT symmetry

Khajavikhan, Mercedeh (University of Southern California, US):


Kocabaş, Aşkın (Koç University, Türkiye):

Parity-time symmetry breaking in microbial populations

Kocabaş, Coşkun (University of Manchester, UK)

Topological control of light with graphene devices

    Konotop, Vladimir (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal):

Non-Hermitian gauge potentials: wave amplification and solitons

Koohrokhi, Taha (Golestan University, Iran):

PT-Symmetric Nuclear Optical Model

Laha, Arnab (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland):

Time-symmetric correlation in exceptional point-based all-optical nonreciprocal light transmission

Lévai, Géza (Institute for Nuclear Research (ATOMKI), Hungary):

PT -symmetric potentials beyond the Natanzon class

Mandal, Bhabani Prasad (Banaras Hindu University, India):

PT phase transition: Applications

Marquette, Ian (The University of Queensland, Australia):

Hidden algebras for  nonseparable and nondiagonalizable models with complex interaction

Melgaard, Michael (University of Sussex, UK):

Poisson wave trace formula for Dirac resonances at thresholds and its applications

Mostafazadeh, Ali (Koç University, Türkiye):

Broadband directional invisibility for scalar and electromagnetic waves

    Murch, Kater (Washington University in St. Louis, US):

Exceptional points and parity-time symmetry in quantum microwave circuits

Nur, Cemile (Yalova University, Türkiye):

Estimates for Dirichlet Eigenvalues of the Schrödinger Operator with a PT-Symmetric Optical Potential

O'Dell, Duncan (McMaster University, Canada):

PT-symmetry breaking transition in a flowing Bose-Einstein condensate

Ohtsuki, Tomi (Sophia University, Japan):

Unifying the Anderson transitions in Hermitian and non-Hermitian systems

Özdemir, Şahin (Pennsylvania State University, US):

Non-Hermiticity as a Resource for Chiral Perfect Absorption and Sensing

Pietrzyk, Monika (University of Exeter, UK):

Exceptional points in axion-type photonic structures

Pusuluk, Onur (Koç University, Türkiye):

Pseudo-Hermitian operators in quantum information theory and quantum chemistry

Rotter, Stefan (Technical University of Wien, Austria):

Multiple Light Fields at Critical Coupling

Sablevice, Esra (University of Manchester, UK):

Mathematical foundations of non-Hermitian quantum field theory

Sarısaman, Mustafa (Istanbul University, Türkiye):

Mutation mechanism in DNA: Non-Hermitian approach

Serpengüzel, Ali (Koç University, Türkiye):

Laser light scattering from microspheres

Sayyad, Sharareh (Max Plank Institute, Erlangen, Germany):

Exploring the underlying physics of non-Hermitian Kitaev chain

Shukla, Namrata (Banaras Hindu University, India):

Pseudo-Hermitian PT-symmetric Hamiltonians: Uncertainty relations

Sütlüoğlu Ege, Beyza (Bilkent University, Türkiye):

Non-Hermitian optomechanical cooling and squeezing under synthetic gauge field control

Taira, Takanobu (University of Tokyo, Japan):

Breakdown of the Meissner effect at the exceptional point in non-Hermitian two-band BCS model

Tebyanian, Hamid (University of York, UK):

Uncertainty and Randomness in Pseudo-Hermitian Quantum Systems

Veliev, Oktay (Doğuş University, Türkiye):

On the Spectrum of Differential Operators with Periodic PT-symmetric Matrix Coefficients

Whaley, Birgitta (University of Californa, Berkley, US):

Quantum Dynamics near Exceptional Points

Yamagishi, Manami (University of Tokyo, Japan) :

Dynamics of a quantum active particle based on non-Hermitian quantum walks

Zheng, Chao (North China University of Technology, China) :

Quantum simulation of typical non-Hermitian Hamiltonians

Znojil, Miloslav (Czech Academy of Sciences, Czechia) :

Non-Hermitian observables and new, hybrid formulations of unitary quantum mechanics