Invited Talks:

1- Arens Regularity: State of Art, Second National Mathematics Symposium, First week of September 1988, ODTÜ.

2- Homeomorphisms between Banach algebras, Third National Mathematics Symposium, First week of September, Sakarya.

3- Spectrum of Commutative Banach algebras under weak topology, 8th Banach algebras conference, August 20-26, 1992, Manitoba University (Canada).

4- Weakly compact bilinear forms, 7 th  National Mathematics Symposium, First week of September 1995, Bilkent University.

5- Subspaces and subalgebras of K(H) whose duals have the Schur property, First Mathematics Days, Balıkesir University, May 23-29, 1996 (altınoluk, Balıkesir).

6- From almost periodic functions to almost periodic functionals, 9th  National Mathematics Symposium, First week of September 1996, ITÜ, Istanbul.

7- Subspaces and subalgebras of K(H) whose duals have the Schur property, Deuxieme Journees de Theorie des Operators, Universite de Lille, 20-22 March 1997, Lille (France).

8- Amenability of Groups and related Banach algebras, Harmonic Analysis conference in honor of Prof. Edmond Granirer, Brithish Columbia University, August 23-25, 1997, Vancouver, Canada.

9- Arens regularity of weakly sequentially complete Banach algebras, 27 th National conference of Iranian Mathemathical Society, March 21-27, 1998, Tehran (Iran).

10- A series of 4 hours lecturs on Geometry of Banach spaces at  13th National Mathematics symposium,  6-9 September 2000,  Boğaziçi, Sabancı    and Bilgi Universities, Istanbul. 

11- An abstact form of Cohen’s Idempotent Theorem, 2002 Istanbul International Conference on abstract Harmonic Analysis, 22-28 July 2002,      Koç university, Istanbul.

12- Idempotent multipliers of certain Banach algebras,33rd National conference of the Iranian Mathematical Society, 29 Agoust-3 Sebtember 22, Mashad, Iran.

13- A short proof of the Glicksberg-Host-Parreau Theorem, Conference in honour of Professor J. S. Pym. May-29-June2, 2003, Sheffield, U.K.

14-Arens regular ideals and quotient algebras of the group algebra L1(G) of a compact Abelian group,  2004 Abstract Harmonic Analysis Conference, August 2004, Koç University, Istanbul.

15-Closed Unital Ideals of the Fourier-Stieltjes Algebra B(G) of a locally compact amenable group G, XXIII. Banach Algebra Conference, August 10-22, 2005, Alberta University, Canada.

16)      A characterization of the weakly compact subsets of the dual of a von Neumann algebra and an application.  In “  Harmonic Analysis Conference held in Alberta University, Edmonton, Canada,  May 11-16, 2009, to celebrate 65 rd birth day of Prof. A. To-Ming LAU”

17)  Invariant projection and power bounded multipliers, XXIII Banach Algebra conference, Bedlewo, Poland, July 26-August 7, 2009.

18) An Abstract form of a theorem of Helson and applications, 5th Abstract Harmonic Analysis conference,

National Sun-Yat Sen University, Kaohsiung (Taiwan), 17-23 December 2009.

19- Nassiance of Modern Mathematics, 6. Ankara Mathematics days, Hacettepe University, 2-4 May 2011.

20- 6th Abstract Harmonic Analysis conference, Nankai University, Tianjin, China, 20--25 May 2011.

       21-  Turkic Wold of Mathematics symposium, Baku, Azerbaycan, 30 May-3 June 2011.

       22- Closed ideals of Banach algebras with bounded aproximate identities, VII. International conference on Harmonic Analysis, May 20-25, 2013 University of Granada, Spain.

       23- Matematiğin kısa bir tarihi. 26. Ulusal Matematik Sempozyumu, 3-7 Eylül 2013, Dicle Üniversitesi, Diyarbakır.

      24- Relatively weak* closed ideals of A(G), sets of synthesis and sets of uniqueness, Abstract Harmonic Analysis and Operator Theory Conference,  Fields Institute (Toronto),  March-April, 2014.