Alper Uzun’s Catalysis Research Group





“from fundamentals to applications”

Our research interests focus on

 achieving an atomic-level understanding on the structure-activity relationships in catalytic systems;

and on

utilizing it to tailor the catalytic structures to have an ultimate control over their performance.

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Assoc. Prof. Alper Uzun

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Koç University

Rumelifeneri Yolu

34450 Sariyer, Istanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 (212) 338-1754

Fax: +90 (212) 338-1548

E-mail: auzun (at) ku (dot) edu (dot) tr

 Koç University

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Announcements and News


¨ Dr. Uzun receives the 2019 Tübitak Incentive Award.

¨ We got the cover in ACS Catalysis, the article was also highlighted in C&E News.

¨ Melike receives the Koç University Academic Excellence Award for her PhD Thesis.

¨ Our recent article is on the cover of ACS Combinatorial Science.

¨ Congratulations to Özge for defending her PhD thesis successfully! She joins Tüpraş R&D Center.

¨ Betül joins Tüpraş R&D Center, congratulations!

¨ Congratulations to Melike! She is the first PhD graduate from our group.

¨ Melike’s latest article is accepted for publication in Chemical Science, the flagship journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and featured in 2019 Chemical Science HOT Article Collection

¨ Zeeshan’s and Vahid’s paper is accepted for publication in JACS with a cover art and highlighted in C&E News

¨ Melike’s recent article is accepted for publication in ACS Catalysis (also highlighted in C&E News)

¨ Our recent paper is on the cover of ChemSusChem, it is now in the top 20 most downloaded articles list.

¨ Samira Fatma Kurtoğlu and Melike Babucci receive the best poster award in 1st KUTEM Energy Day.

¨ Ahsan Jalal’s paper has been accepted for publication in Journal of Catalysis. It is the first one from Turkey published in this journal in the last five years.

¨ Dr. Uzun receives the TÜBA-GEBİP award of the Turkish Academy of the Sciences.

¨ Our recent work published in Scientific Reports has been highlighted in C&E News and Advances in Engineering

¨ Samira Fatma Kurtoğlu receives the Koç University Academic Excellence Award for her MS study.

¨ Dr. Uzun receives 2015-2016 Koç University Engineering Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award.

¨ Dr. Uzun receives the BAGEP award of The Science Academy, Turkey.


¨ We are seeking highly motivated PhD and MSc students for Fall 2022. Our scholarship includes tuition waiver, stipend, accommodation, laptop, meal card, HGS,….

¨ We are seeking a talented post-doctoral fellow with experience in heterogeneous catalysis. Please contact us..