Alper Uzun’s Catalysis Research Group


Koç University


· October 2017: Melike’s recent article published in ACS Catalysis was highlighted in C&E News.

· August 2017: June 2017: Melike and Özge (Bozkurt) present at the EuropaCat2017, Florence, Italy.

· July 2017: Pelin’s paper is on the cover of ChemSusChem.

· June 2017: Melike, Özge (Bozkurt), and Samira present at the 25th North American Catalysis Meeting, Denver, CO

· April 2017: Samira and Melike receive the best poster award in 1st KUTEM Energy Day

· April 2017: Ahsan’s paper is the first article from Turkey published in Journal of Catalysis in the last five years

· Nov, 2016: Dr. Uzun receives the TÜBA-GEBİP award of the Turkish Academy of the Sciences

· Sept, 2016: Our paper published in Scientific Reports has been highlighted in C&E News and Advances in Engineering

· June, 2016: Samira receives Koç University Academic Excellence Award with her MS study

· April, 2016: Dr. Uzun receives Koç University Engineering Faculty Outstanding Teaching Award

· October, 2015: Volkan joins Tüpraş R&D as an R&D engineer

·       September, 2015: Elif joins Tüpraş R&D as an R&D engineer

·       September, 2015: İbrahim presents at the International Porous and Powder Materials Symposium and Exhibition (PPM 2015) in Izmir

·       September, 2015: Our Group welcomes new members - Özge Akarçay (MS), Fatma Pelin Kınık (MS), and Burak Koyutürk (MS)

· July, 2015: Congratulations to Kutay on receiving his MS degree, he goes to University of Pittsburgh for his PhD studies

· Jun, 2015: Melike presents at the 24th North American Catalysis Society Meeting (24th NAM) in Pittsburgh, PA.

· April, 2015: Dr. Uzun receives the BAGEP award of The Science Academy, Turkey.

· January, 2015: Our collaborative project on methane storage receives funding under TÜBİTAK 1001 — Scientific and Technological Research Projects Funding Program (114R093)

· December 2014: Congratulations to Aslı on receiving her MS degree

· September, 2014: Congratulations to Volkan on receiving his MS degree, our first graduate!

· September, 2014: Our Group welcomes new graduate students - PhD candidates: Özge Deniz Bozkurt, İbrahim Şahin, Ahsan Jalal; MS Candidates: Elif Kocaman, Samira Fatma Kurtoğlu and Sadi Gürses

· June, 2014: Project on alternative fuels funded by TÜPRAŞ starts

· May, 2014: Our collaborative proposal on energy storage has been accepted for Koç University Seed Research Project Program

· April, 2014: Dr. Uzun presents at the Turkish Catalysis Society Conference in Adana

· April, 2014:  Dr. Uzun has been elected to the board of Directors of the Turkish Catalysis Society

· December, 2013: Dr. Uzun receives TÜBİTAK 1003 — Primary Subjects R&D Funding Program grant (213M028)

· November, 2013: Aslı and Volkan present at the 2013 Annual American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Meeting in San Francisco, CA

· November, 2013: Aslı receives TUBITAK-BIDEB 2224 International Scientific Meetings Fellowship

· September, 2013: Aslı and Volkan present at the International Porous and Powder Materials Symposium and Exhibition (PPM 2013) in Izmir

· September, 2013: Kutay Berk Sezginel, joins Uzun Lab as a MS candidate for a joint-project with Prof. Seda Keskin

· September, 2013: Nur Bağlar and Melike Babucci join Uzun Lab as PhD candidates

· July, 2013:  Project on alternative fuel additives funded by TÜPRAŞ starts

· July, 2013: Dr. Uzun receives TÜBİTAK 3501 National Young Researchers Career Development Program grant (113M552)

· September, 2012:  Our group welcomes two MS students, Aslı Akçay and Volkan Balci.

· August 1, 2012:  Our group’s web site is up online.

· August 1, 2012:  Dr. Uzun joins Koç University








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