Barış Tan


Barış Tan is a Professor of Operations Management and Industrial Engineering and the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey. He previously served as the Dean of College of Administrative Sciences and Economics (2007-2013) and the Director of the Graduate School of Business (2003-2006, 2008-2010) at Koç University.

His areas of scholarship are in design and control of production systems, inter-firm cooperation in supply chains, stochastic modelling, and business models. He is the recipient of Turkish Academy of Sciences Distinguished Young Scholar Award, TUBITAK fellowship, NATO Science Fellowship, the Rockefeller Foundation Residency Award at Bellagio Center, and best paper awards for his publications. He is the Area Editor of Design and Manufacturing Focus Issue of IISE Transactions and Manufacturing Systems Area Editor of Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal. He co-edited two books on Stochastic Models of Manufacturing Systems by Springer and special issues of IIE Transactions, Annals of Operations Research, and OR Spectrum.

He received a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Bogazici University (1990), and ME in Industrial and Systems Engineering (1991), MSE in Manufacturing Systems (1993), and PhD in Operations Research from the University of Florida (1994). He has been working at Koç University since 1994. He held visiting positions at Harvard University Center for Textile and Apparel Research (2000-2001), MIT Operations Research Center (2001), MIT Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity (1999, 2006-2007), University of Cambridge Judge Business School (2013-2014), and UCL School of Management (2017-2018).

Professor Tan is a member of the international advisory boards of EM Lyon (France) and Nottingham Business School (UK), the chairman of the ISM University of Management and Economics Senate (Lithuania), and a member of the EFMD EQUIS Awarding Body. He served on the boards of EFMD, CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education, Turkish Quality Association and Turkish Operations Research Society.


Recent Publications

Karabag, O. and Tan, B., "Modelling and Analysis of a Group Purchasing Organization under Demand and Price Uncertainty," Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal, forthcoming, 2018.

Tan, B. and Lagershausen, S., "On the Output Dynamics of Production Systems Subject to Blocking," IISE Transactions, Vol. 49:3, pp. 268-284, 2017.

Hosseini, B. and Tan, B., "Simulation and Optimization of Continuous Flow Production Systems with a Finite Buffer by Using Mathematical Programming," IISE Transactions, Vol. 49:3, pp. 255-267, 2017.

Tan, B., Yavuz, Y., Otay, E. N., and Camlibel, E., "Optimal Selection of Energy Efficiency Articles Measures for Energy Sustainability of Existing Building," Computers and Operations Research: Special Issue on Operations Research in Energy Modelling and Management, Vol. 66, pp. 258-271, 2016.

Lagershausen, S. and Tan. B., "On the Exact Inter-departure, Inter-start, and Cycle Time Distributions of Closed Queueing Networks Subject to Blocking," IIE Transactions, Vol. 47:7, pp.673-692, 2015

Tan, B., "Mathematical Programming Representations of Dynamics of Continuous Flow Productions Systems," IIE Transactions, Vol. 47:2, pp. 173-189, 2015.

Recent Projects

Productive4.0: Electronics and ICT as enabler for digital industry and optimized supply chain management covering the entire product lifecycle (Horizon 2020: ECSEL) (*** Graduate assistantships are available ***)

Analysis and Development of Cooperation-based Business Models (Zer)

Point-of-Sales Based Method for Estimation of Product Substitution Rates (TUBITAK)

Working Papers

The Impacts of Product Category and Auctioning Formats on Buyer Surplus in E-Auctions for Procurement (with O. Karabag)

Analysis of a Collaborative Production Network (with B. Hosseini)

Modelling and Analysis of the Impact of Correlated Service and Arrival Times in Manufacturing Systems (with N.M. Dizbin)

Production/Inventory Control with Correlated Demand (with N.M. Dizbin)

A Joint Optimization-Simulation Method for Data-Driven Control of Production Systems (with S. Khayyati)

Analysis of Product Rollover Strategies under Consideration of Finite Production Capacities (with J.A. Schwarz)

Modelling and Analysis of Business Models for Financing Energy Investments for Sustainability