MGIS 410 Lecture Notes for September 2007

  • Chapter 01 (3rd Edition) : The Revolution is just beginning.

MGIS 410 Lecture Notes for October 2010

  • Chapter 01    Chapter 01 (6th Edition 2010) : The Revolution is just beginning.
  • Chapter 02    Chapter 02 (6th Edition 2010) : E-Commerce Business Models and Concepts

MGIS 410 Lecture Notes for October 2007

Hosting Plans of 4 Hosting Companies  Prices and service levels of various hosting plans from four full web service providers in October 2007 (Courtesy of Mustafa Can Gürsoy)

What is Web 2.0?  What is Web 2.0? (Courtesy of Serhat Beyazkaya)

  E-groceries         Minimum Purchase Requirements and Delivery Fees of the Major E-groceries from the USA and Turkey  (Courtesy of Cem Bıçak)

Pricing of ccTLDs in TurkeyPricing of ccTLDs in Turkey as of October 2006 (Courtesy of Serdar Şen)

Download and experiment with VisualRoute of Visualware,'s VisualRoute Personal Edition A visual, fast, and integrated ping, whois, and traceroute program that automatically analyzes connectivity problems, displaying  the results on a World map. A great tool to locate and identify Internet abusers.

NeoTrace TodayDownload and experiment with NeoTrace Pro 3.25 Trial Version of, which is a subsidiary of McAfee, Inc.
NeoTrace Pro is a diagnostic and investigative tool. It traces the network path across the Internet from the host system to a target system anywhere on the Internet.



  • Garanti E-Ticaret: The enabler of online payments in B2C commerce in Turkey - Short case presentation by Uğur Dirim
  • Chapter 04 : Building an E-commerce Web Site

19th Oct 2006, Thursday

    Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox on Website Usability:

  1. Usability 101: Introduction to Usability (

  2. Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design (

  3. Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005 (

  4. Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2003 (

  5. Top Ten Guidelines for Homepage Usability (

  6. The Ten Most Violated Homepage Design Guidelines (

  7. Homepage Real Estate Allocation (

  8. The Canonical Intranet Homepage (

E-Business Lifespan Cycle.ppt A graph about E-Business Lifespan Cycle.

Business Models on the Web - Managing the Digital Enterprise - Michael Rappa - Website about Business Models.

  • Chapter 02 Part a : E-commerce Business Models and Concepts
  • Chapter 02 Part b : Google's Revenue Model, B2B Markets, C2C, P2P, E-commerce Enablers,
                                     Industry and Firm Value Chains, Business Strategies

MGIS 410 Lecture Notes for November 2010

MGIS 410 Lecture Notes for November 2007

  • Chapter 04 : Building an E-commerce Web Site.
  • HackerSafe Logo and HackerSafe® Logo and Internet Security Assurance by, Inc. - (presented by Aydın Tarakçı on 15 November 2007 Thursday)
  • Demo of the Akamai Technologies services :: E-Commerce Business Model, Conformity to Jakob Nielsen's Website Usability Guidelines, Unique Features of E-Commerce -
    (presented by Burak Erşahan on 13 November 2007 Tuesday)
  • Demo of the Akamai Technologies services Alexa Rankings Analysis of Turkish Product / Service Promotion websites  - (presented by Süleyman Taşkın on 01 November 2007 Thursday)
  • Pazarlama amaçlı KOBI Web Sitelerinin Etkinleştirilmesi How to promote your website in the EU.pdf - CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries) Website Promotion
  • E-Commerce&Electronic Payments E-Commerce - Electronic Payments.pdf - A. Koponen - 2006
  • Global Service Provider Demo about Akamai ( is the leading global service provider for accelerating content and business processes online.(
  • Demo of the Akamai Technologies services Akamai Technologies - (presented by Serdar Şen on 16 November 2006 Thursday)

MGIS 410 Lecture Notes for December 2010

  • Chapter 05    Chapter 05 (6th Edition 2010) : Online Security and Payment Systems
  • Chapter 06     Chapter 06 (6th Edition 2010) : E-commerce Marketing Concepts
  • Chapter 07     Chapter 07 (6th Edition 2010) : E-commerce Marketing Communications

30th Dec 2010, Thursday: 

PDF file for download E-Commerce and Online Advertising Notes by Deniz Aksen (Click here for the 2.90 MB PDF file)

Powerpoint Slides of Ilgi Kuruyemis Evi Project Group Project presentation slides for ILGI Dried Fruits and Nuts House in Spring 2010 (Click here for the 5.10 MB PPT file)

Presentation Slides of Google Analytics and Google Adwords In-class presentation by Bilge GÖKSEL, Burcu KOLANCALI and Cansu ZORLUER (KU MBA, 2009) about Google Analytics and Google Adwords in Fall 2008 (Click here for the 5.12 MB PPT file)

Presentation Slides of Vital Bijuteri SEO/SEM/Website Redesign The website redesign, SEO and SEM study of the VITAL BIJUTERI website conducted by KU MBA students in Fall 2008 (Click here for the 3.72 MB PPT file)


MGIS 410 Class Notes for December 2007

  • 11 slides on : E-bidding and e-purchasing / procurement platform of the Koç Holding companies (11 slides)  (Presentation by Özge Kökçü)
  • Password Generation (Turkish)  How to Generate Hard-to-Predict but Easy-To-Remember Passwords (in Turkish)
  • Security Reference on E-Banking  Pocket Reference of Security of E-Banking (in Turkish) :: prepared by Ülken ARDA from in December 2006
  • 20 slides on Security-Cryptography  Phishing, Microsoft Vulnerabilities, Spam and E-commerce, Cryptography (20 slides)
  • 23 slides on the history of encryption and cryptography  History of Encryption and Cryptography by Schaefer (23 slides)
  • 11 slides on PGP  Pretty Good Privacy and How It Works - a presentation by Melissa Hudkins in November 1999 (11 slides)