MGIS 410 Miscellaneous Files for September 2007

  • Intoduction to E-Commerce Introduction to E-Commerce.doc - Seyfi ├ľlmez - Milliyet Blogs - 29.06.2006

  • Electronic Commerce in Turkey: Yesterday (1998) and Today (2004) of Online Shopping Portals
    Short case presentation by Ezgi Akpınar
  • Your instructor's entire (animated / nonanimated) image and icon collection  Image and Icon Collection compressed as RAR file (RAR file)

MGIS 410 Miscellaneous Files for October 2007

MGIS 410 Miscellaneous Files for November 2007

  • Commisions of the European Communities 2002 Commisions of the European Communities 2002.pdf - Commission Staff - Digital Rights & Background, Systems, Assessment -14.02.2002
  • Pazarlama ama├žl─▒ KOBI Web Sitelerinin Etkinle┼čtirilmesi Pazarlama ama├žl─▒ KOBI Web Sitelerinin Etkinle┼čtirilmesi.pdf - Zeynep ─░yiler - ─░hracat─▒ Geli┼čtirme Et├╝d Merkezi (IGEME) - 2005
  • Siber Uzayda Hukukun Y├╝kseli┼či Siber Uzayda Hukukun Y├╝kseli┼či.pdf - ─░nci Demirel - T.C. Ba┼čbakanl─▒k D─▒┼č Ticaret M├╝ste┼čarl─▒─č─▒ Ekonomik Ara┼čt─▒rmalar ve De─čerlendirme Genel M├╝d├╝rl├╝─č├╝ e-Ticaret Genel Koordinat├Ârl├╝─č├╝

MGIS 410 Miscellaneous Files for December 2007

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E-commerce Concepts, Benefits and Technologies

Khalil Ahmed

History_of_cryptography_Schaefer.pdf History of Encryption and Cryptography Schaefer
CipherTrust-Zero-Day-Virus-Threats.pdf Choose Your Weapon : Fighting the Battle Against Zero-Day Virus Threats CipherTrust
Forrester-Strong_Authentication.pdf What To Look For In Consumer Strong Authentication Solutions FORRESTER / Jonathan Penn

Securing Your Digital Life - Understanding Digital Certificates & Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): A Fundamental Requirement for Internet Transactions

Entrust, Inc.


Phishing is Yesterday's News ÔÇô
Get Ready for Pharming
Entrust, Inc.
Postini-Email_Security_2005.pdf Email Security Annual Review & Threat Report 2005 Postini, Inc.
(preemptive email protection)
Symantec-Spyware-and-Adware-Sarah-Gordon.pdf Exploring Spyware and Adware Risk Assessment Symantec / Sarah Gordon
Thawte-Securing_with_SSL.pdf Securing Your Online Data Transfer with SSL: A Guide to Understanding SSL Certificates, how their operate and their application Thawte
(it's a trust thing)
Thawte-Authentication.pdf The Value of Authentication: Authentication + Encryption + Certification Authority = Trust

(it's a trust thing)

Thawte-SSL_facts.mht The Facts about SSL

(it's a trust thing)

Tenebril-Spyware_Profiling.pdf Spyware Profiling - Technology today for tomorrow's threats Tenebril, Inc.
VeriSign-Consumer-Trust-Test.pdf Consumer Trust Test - Does your e-business pass the test? VeriSign
(where it all comes together)


State of Spyware in the First Quarter of 2005: An in-depth review and analysis of the impact of spyware, adware and unwanted software on consumers and corporations Webroot Software, Inc.
Vormetric-Six-Rules-for-Encrypting.pdf Six Rules for Encrypting Your Enterprise Data: as a final layer of protection, encryption enforces the access control function, ensuring that only access requests coming through authorized access channels are granted. Vormetric, Inc.