Fourth International Workshop on  Freight Transportation and Logistics
Çeşme, İzmir, TURKEY ¤ May 26-29 2009, Tuesday-Friday

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Here are a number of useful links of various WWW resources in English. Once and for all, they will help you quench your thirst for any kind of information on the workshop venue, Çeşme, İzmir and Turkey.


A-) Sheraton Çeşme : http://www.sheratoncesme.com/home.php

B-) 91 Çeşme Photographs (as of Feb 2007) by Ali KEFELİ at Panoramio.com
(also embedded as KML tags into Google Earth satellite images): http://www.panoramio.com/user/13667

C-) Çeşme and all surrounding historical sites
       compiled on a single page
at VillasInTurkey.co.uk: http://www.villasinturkey.co.uk/local.htm

D-) An informative page complemented by plenty of pictures at MeetingTurkey.com:
http://www.meetingturkey.com/meeting.cfm?fuseaction=area.detail&BID=2&B=About Cesme

E-) The municipality of Çeşme publishes also an exclusively English website
       which is pretty much error-free: http://www.cesme-bld.gov.tr/eng/index.php.  At this site you can also
live though SmileCam's cameras. But the live webcam display software must install an
       ActiveX control in your web browser before you can begin watching the show.

F-) Finally, an all inclusive content site you'd like to keep at your fingertips for emergencies. At Cesme.gen.tr
simply nothing is missing with regards to the town. This generic
Çeşme site is published and updated
y Unimedya Communication Services, Inc.

      There exists even a logistics link on the site showing a complete list of local freight transporters, delivery
      companies and courier services. Cesme.gen.tr is an abundant source of quality, high resolution pictures
      of Çeşme. Odysseus2009.org has proudly borrowed several pictures from this site: http://www.cesme.gen.tr/Default.aspx

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A-) An indispensable website fully dedicated to Ephesus is clearly Ephesus.us ( http://www.ephesus.us/ )
      which is owned and published by OTTI Travel Company in Ku
şadası, Aydın. The site offers an easy
      navigation, and provides
delicate access to virtually every
single issue related to this uniquely marvelous
      archaic city and its priceless treasures.

B-) A similarly sounding, yet totally different website is that of Ephesus.biz ( http://www.ephesus.biz/ )
      which leaves nothing undisclosed about Ephesus. It also
presents you useful information about tours to
      Ephesus, traveling to Turkey, tours in Turkey, Temple of Artemis, The House of Virgin Mary,
      Goddess Artemis, Hierapolis, Aphrodisias, Miletus, Priene and much more... Ephesus.biz is conceivably
sophisticated Ephesus guide.  

C-) The history of Ephesus throughout the centuries, and the finds of both early and recent excavations
       have been detailed on the Ephesus page of TurkishOdyssey.com at
       http://www.turkishodyssey.com/places/aegean/aegean3.htm. TurkishOdyssey.com also contains
       an in-depth historical study of the entire western Turkey of which borders are set along the coast
       of the Aegean Sea. This 214,000 km² / 82,625 sq mi large sea was called Archipelagos in the archaic
       periods, meaning "The Sea of Islands."

D-) Everything about the individual artifacts found in and around Ephesus have been filed by Focus
       Mediterranean Online Magazine
at the following address: http://www.focusmm.com/aceph_00.htm 



A definitive one-stop reference for history enthusiasts is the website of AboutTurkey.com. The following article published on April 30, 2006, elaborates on the general history of Turkey from the Paleolithic Age until the collapse of the Ottoman Empire: http://www.aboutturkey.com/turkey/General_History_summary.shtml

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