I am looking for enthusiastic graduate students who are genuinely intrigued by large scale parallel and multicore computing, including high performance computing, GPU computing, cloud computing and management of large datasets. If interested, please contact me with your CV and apply here.

My research interest lies primarily in the area of parallel programming systems, software engineering on multicore platforms, and performance engineering. My research addresses two main challenges of computing in the next decade:

(1) With the emergence of multicore, all software fields have to adapt to the paradigm shift in computer architecture. How can we express parallelism in the software and take advantage of emerging computer resources?

(2) Energy cost of data movement forces us to move away from a compute-centric to a data-centric view of computing. How can we provide data locality and deal with the huge amount of data that applications generate or use?

For more information, visit our group website ParCoreLab.


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