Cleanroom & Mechanical Characterization Lab

Mechanical Characterization Laboratory
The following is a list of available tools:
01- optical microscope,
02- laser displacement sensor,
03- heat treatment tools (furnace, glovebox, environmental chamber),
04- bulge tester,
05- pressure transducers and miniature load cells,
06- fume hoods,
07- probe station,
08- network analyzer,
09- semiconductor parameter analyzer,
10- various electromechanical design and simulation software.

Directed by Erdem Alaca this laboratory is focused on small-scale mechanics, where micro and nano electromechanical systems (MEMS and NEMS)-based sensor and actuator technologies along with fabrication technologies for the integration of such systems with biological or nanoscale samples are developed and put into application.

Research efforts are geared towards specific problems regarding molecular diagnostics, nano-bio interfaces/hybrid molecular devices and scale-dependence of mechanical properties.

Micro and Nanofabrication Laboratory
The following patterning, metallization, wet and dry etch capabilities exist within the laboratory:
01- mask aligner (Karl Süss-MA45),
02- photoresist spinner (SPS),
03- surface profiler (Veeco – Dektak 8),
04- RF magnetron sputter tool with two magnetrons (Vaksis PVD-Handy/2S),
05- wafer scriber (OEG MR200),
06- reactive ion etcher (Plasmatherm Vision 320 Mk II),
07- electrochemical deposition setups,
08- inspection microscope (Meiji),
09- wet benches, laminar flow hoods and deionized water system (Köttermann, Sartorius),
10- Scanning Probe Lithography Tool (nano analytik GmbH) (SPL).

Directed by Erdem Alaca this user facility serves faculty and students from various departments including Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Biological Engineering and Physics. Certified as Class 1000 in 2006 the laboratory has provided uninterrupted services since then.