Welcome. Currently, I am an assistant professor in the EE department at Koç University. This website provides information about myself, and the research and teaching activities that I have been involved in. Click the links below for further information.

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Koç University
Faculty of Engineering
Rumeli Feneri Yolu
34450 Sarıyer – İstanbul, Turkey

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  • Assistant Professor, Koç University, İstanbul, Turkey (2011-Present)
  • Post-doctoral researcher in the Fan Group, Stanford University, CA (2009-2011)
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Physics, Stanford University, CA (2009)
  • MS in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, CA (2004)
  • BS in Electrical Engineering, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey (2002)


Here are my ResearcherID, ORCID and Google Scholar accounts.
Please visit the Nanophotonics Research Group website for more information.

Journal Publications / Preprints

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  • Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, "The Effect of Metal Thickness on Si Wire to Plasmonic Slot Waveguide Mode Conversion," Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü Dergisi, published online 2017-12-28. abstract pdf url
  • Solmaz Naghizadeh, Adeel Afridi, Ongun Arısev, Aziz Karaşahin, Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, "Experimental Investigation of Stub Resonators Built in Plasmonic Slot Waveguides," IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 29, no. 8, pp. 663-666, April 15, 2017. abstract pdf url
  • Solmaz Naghizadeh, Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, "Guidelines for designing 2D and 3D plasmonic stub resonators," J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 34, 207-217 (2017). abstract pdf url
  • Adeel Afridi, Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, "Beam steering and impedance matching of plasmonic horn nanoantennas," Opt. Express 24, 25647–25652 (2016). abstract pdf url
  • Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, "Few-photon scattering in dispersive waveguides with multiple qubits," Opt. Lett., 41, 2533-2536 (2016). abstract pdf url
  • Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, "Effects of modal dispersion on few-photon–qubit scattering in one-dimensional waveguides," Physical Review A, vol. 93, no. 3, p. 033829, Mar 2016.
    abstract pdf url
  • Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, Eden Rephaeli, Shanhui Fan, "Resonance fluorescence in a waveguide geometry," Physical Review A, vol. 85, no. 2, p. 023817, Feb 2012. abstract pdf url
  • Eden Rephaeli, Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, Shanhui Fan, "Few photon transport in a waveguide coupled to a pair of colocated two-level atoms," Physical Review A, vol. 84, no. 6, p. 063832, Dec 2011. abstract pdf url
  • Shanhui Fan, Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, Jung-Tsung Shen, "Input-Output Formalism For Few-Photon Transport in One-Dimensional Nanophotonic Waveguides Coupled to a Qubit," Physical Review A, vol. 82, no. 6, p. 063821, Dec 2010. abstract pdf url
  • Salman Latif, Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, Liang Tang, Christof Debaes, and David A. B. Miller, "Low capacitance CMOS Silicon photodetectors for optical clock injection," Applied Physics A: Material Science & Processing, vol. 95, no. 4, pp. 1129–1135, 2009. abstract pdf url
  • Georgios Veronis, Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, David A.B. Miller, Shanhui Fan, "Modeling of plasmonic waveguide components and networks," Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, vol. 6, no. 8, pp. 1808–1826, August 2009. abstract pdf url
  • Georgios Veronis, Zongfu Yu, Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, David A. B. Miller, Mark L. Brongersma, Shanhui Fan, "Metal-dielectric-metal plasmonic waveguide devices for manipulating light at the nanoscale," Chinese Optics Letters, vol. 7, no. 4, pp. 302–308, 2009. abstract pdf url
  • Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, Georgios Veronis, David A. B. Miller, Shanhui Fan, "Modal Analysis and Coupling in Metal-Insulator-Metal Waveguides," Physical Review B, vol. 79, p. 035120, 2009. abstract pdf url
    • Here is the code that implements the argument principle method. It was written under Mathematica 6. Might need to be modified to work under newer versions.
    • I also have the Mathematica sheets for the implementation of mode matching. I did not have the time to add more comments to them, if you'd like to take a look at those please let me know, I'll be much more motivated to put them online then.
  • Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, Georgios Veronis, David A. B. Miller, Shanhui Fan, "Transmission Line and Equivalent Circuit Models for Plasmonic Waveguide Components," IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, vol. 14, no. 6, pp. 1462–1472, 2008. abstract pdf url
  • Dany-Sebastien Ly-Gagnon, Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, David A. B. Miller, "Characteristic Impedance Model for Plasmonic Metal Slot Waveguides," IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, vol. 14, no. 6, pp. 1473–1478, 2008. abstract pdf url
  • Liang Tang, Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, Salman Latif, Ali K. Okyay, Dany-Sebastien Ly-Gagnon, Krishna C. Saraswat, David A. B. Miller, "Nanometre-scale germanium photodetector enhanced by a near-infrared dipole antenna," Nature Photonics, vol. 2, pp. 226–229, 2008. abstract pdf url
    • Here is the finite difference frequency domain code used in the simulations of the paper. There are a fair number of lines of comments in the code, but I did not have the time to go over and describe in detail how different sections (C++ for number crunching, Matlab for data analysis, Mathematica for fitting multi-pole Drude parameters) talk to each other. Email me if you would like to learn more about the code.
  • Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, Abdullah Atalar, "Binary sequences with low aperiodic autocorrelation for synchronization purposes," IEEE Communications Letters, vol. 7, no. 1, pp 36–38, Jan 2003. abstract pdf url

Conference Papers

  • Şükrü Ekin Kocabas, "Few Photon - Qubit Scattering in Dispersive Waveguides," CLEO: Science and Innovations, Optical Society of America, 2016, JTu5A.1. url
  • Şükrü Ekin Kocabas, Eden Rephaeli, Shanhui Fan, "Resonance Fluorescence in a Waveguide Geometry," CLEO: QELS-Fundamental Science, Optical Society of America, 2012, QTu2E.5. url
  • Shanhui Fan, Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, Jung-Tsung Shen, "Quantum input-output formalism for few-photon nonlinear transport in nanophotonic circuits," Nonlinear Optics: Materials, Fundamentals and Applications, Optical Society of America, 2011, NMB4. url
  • Dany-Sebastien Ly-Gagnon, Sukru Ekin Kocabas, David A. B. Miller, "Integrated Photodetectors in Metal Slot Plasmonic Waveguides," Frontiers in Optics, 2008, MWA1. url
  • Sukru Ekin Kocabas, Georgios Veronis, David A.B. Miller and Shanhui Fan, "Spectral Analysis of Scattering in Metal-Insulator-Metal Waveguides and Related Equivalent Circuit Models," Frontiers in Optics, 2008, MTuD5. url
  • Sukru Ekin Kocabas, Dany-Sebastien Ly-Gagnon, David A.B. Miller, "Plasmonic Waveguides as Transmission Lines," Frontiers in Optics, 2007, FWO5. url
  • Salman Latif, Sukru Ekin Kocabas, Liang Tang, David A. B. Miller, "Rise-time Measurements of Low Capacitance CMOS Detectors Using a Pump-Probe Technique," Frontiers in Optics, 2007, LWJ4. url
  • Liang Tang, Sukru Ekin Kocabas, Salman Latif, Ali Kemal Okyay, Dany-Sebastien Ly-Gagnon, Krishna C. Saraswat, and David A.B. Miller, "Near-Infrared Photodetector Enhanced by an Open-Sleeve Dipole Antenna," Integrated Photonics and Nanophotonics Research and Applications, 2007, ITuD3. url


  • Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, “Dalga kılavuzlarında kubit-foton etkileşimi [Qubit-photon interactions in waveguides],” Hacettepe University, Quantum Optics and Information Meeting, Mar 17–18, 2016, Ankara.
  • Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, “Qubit-Photon Interactions in Waveguides,” Mimar Sinan University, Physics Department Seminar, Dec 10, 2015, İstanbul.
  • Şükrü Ekin Kocabaş, “Dalga kılavuzlarında ilerleyen az sayıda fotonun kubitlerle etkileşimi [Few photon-qubit interactions in waveguides],” Fotonik 2013, 15. Ulusal Optik, Elektro-Optik ve Fotonik Çalıştayı, 6 Eylül 2013, Ankara.
  • Sukru Ekin Kocabas, "A(n Incomplete) Survey of Some of the Plasmonic Work at Stanford," Stanford Nano Society Seminar, Feb 27, 2009. Slides



Current courses

Previous courses

  • Integrated Photonic Structures (Spring 2015, '17) website description syllabus
    This course will introduce numerical and modeling tools used in the analysis of integrated photonic structures. Topics include: dielectric waveguides, optical properties of metals, plasmonic waveguides, coupled mode theory, scattering matrices, gratings, numerical investigation of waveguides via the use of frequency and time-domain (FDTD) full-wave simulations, methods of extraction of scattering parameters from full-wave simulations, analysis of waveguide based WDM components.
  • Microelectronic Circuits Design (Fall 2014, '15, '16) website description syllabus
    Microelectronic Circuits Design aims to provide a basic understanding of analog integrated circuits, as well as an introduction to electronic devices. The course consists of two 75-minute lectures every week. In addition to the lectures, every week, there will either be one problem session at which the homework and lecture material will be reviewed, or one three-hour laboratory.
  • Photonics and Lasers (Fall 2011, '12, '13, '14) website description syllabus
    Fundamentals of electromagnetism: Maxwell's equations, plane waves, reflection & transmission of plane waves, optical coatings; Waveguides: wave equation in rectangular coordinates and the analysis of dielectric slab waveguides; Geometrical optics; Gaussian beams and optical resonators; Interaction of light with matter: classical theory of absorption and dispersion, broadening processes, Rayleigh scattering, blackbody radiation, spontaneous and stimulated light emission; Lasers: optical amplification, theory of laser oscillation, examples of laser systems.
  • Semiconductor Physics and Devices (Fall 2012, '13) website description syllabus
    Introduction to semiconductors: crystals, energy bands, charge carriers and doping, the Fermi level, carrier lifetime and mobility, optical properties. Electronic devices: p-n junctions, diodes, transistors; Optoelectronic devices: LED’s, diode lasers, detectors.
  • Circuit Analysis (Spring 2012, '13, '14, '16) website description syllabus
    Introduction to circuit theory and analysis. Analog and digital circuits. First and second order circuits. Laplace transform; Steady state and transient responses; Filter Design. Laboratory practice and instruments.
  • Photonic Devices and Materials (Spring 2012, '13, '14,'16) website description syllabus
    Survey of the properties and applications of photonic materials and devices; semiconductors; photon detectors, light emitting diodes, noise in light detection systems; light propagation in anisotropic media, Pockels and Kerr effects, light modulators, electromagnetic wave propagation in dielectric waveguides, waveguide dispersion; nonlinear optical materials, second harmonic generation, Raman converters.