Math 504, Numerical Methods I (Fall 2010)
Lectures: Mon, Wed between 12:30-13:45 at CAS Z25

Emre Mengi
Office: SCI 114
Phone: (212)338-1658
Office Hours:
Thr 13:15-15:15

Course Description:
This course concerns the numerical solution of linear systems, linear least squares problems (best approximate solution for an inconsistent linear system), eigenvalue and singular value problems. We will introduce numerical algorithms for the solution of these problems on a computer, and analyze their efficieny and accuracy in the presence of rounding errors. There will be a fine balance between theoretical and computational issues. The Krylov-subspace based iterative algorithms will be covered as well as the direct algorithms.

the course syllabus for issues such as grading and the formats of the exams.)

  • The final will be held on January 19th, Wednesday between 12:00-15:00 at ENG Z15. It includes all topics covered throughout the semester with emphasis on topics covered after the midterm specifically
    • backward error analysis,
    • linear systems and their numerical solution,
    • eigenvalues and their numerical solution.

Both of the textbooks will be available at the reserve desk in the library.

Supplementary Books:


All hws are due by 4pm on the indicated dates below unless otherwise indicated.
Midterm was held on December 1st.

Final will be held on January 19th, Wednesday between 12:00-15:00 at ENG Z15.

Exams and Solutions:
  • Midterm 1
  • Final

Important Enrollment Dates and Holidays:
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  • September 27th, First day of classes
  • September 29th-October 1st, Add-drops
  • October 28th-29th, Foundation of Republic of Turkey
  • November 15th-19th, Kurban Bayramı
  • January 7th, Last day of classes
  • January 10th-23rd, Finals