Gábor Rudolf                                                                                                                                                                                    




Assistant Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Koç University



Gabor Rudolf

Koc University

Rumeli Feneri Yolu

34450 Sariyer, Istanbul, Turkey

Tel: +90 (212) 338-1804

Fax: +90 (212) 338-1548

E-Mail: grudolf@ku.edu.tr




Research Interests

·         Stochastic optimization

·         Risk measures

·         Optimization methods in statistics

·         Combinatorial algorithms



·         Representations of Coherent Risk Measures in General Probability Spaces (2014) Noyan, N., Rudolf, G., Annals of Operations Research [link]

·         Modeling Sequence Scrambling and Related Phenomena in Mixed-Model Production Lines (2014) Rudolf, G., Noyan, N., Giard, V., European Journal of Operational Research [link]

·         Combinatorial Games Modeling Seki in GO (2014) Gol’berg, A., Gurvich, V., Andrade, D. V., Borys, K., Rudolf, G., Discrete Mathematics [link]

·         Optimization with Multivariate Conditional Value-at-Risk Constraints (2013) Noyan, N., Rudolf, G., Operations Research [link]

·         Estimation of CpG Coverage in Whole Methylome Next-Generation Sequencing Studies (2013) Rudolf, G., Bukszar, J., Papp, D., Nerella, S., Xie, L., Aberg, K., van den Oord, E., BMC Bioinformatics  [link]

·         Methylome-wide Comparison of Human Genomic DNA Extracted from Whole Blood and EBV Transformed Lymphocyte Cell Lines (2012) Aberg, K., Khachane, A., Rudolf, G., Nerella, S., Fugman, D., Tischfield, J., van den Oord, E., European Journal of Human Genetics [link]

·         Bilinear Optimality Constraints for the Cone of Positive Polynomials (2011) Rudolf, G., Noyan, N., Papp, D., Alizadeh, F., Mathematical Programming, Ser. B [link]

·         Complexity Results for Equistable Graphs and Related Graph Classes (2010) Milanic, M., Orlin, J., Rudolf, G. Annals of Operations Research [link]

·         Optimization Problems with Second Order Stochastic Dominance Constraints: Duality, Compact Formulations, and Cut Generation Methods (2008) Rudolf, G., Ruszczynski, A., SIAM Journal on Optimization [link]

·         Arrival Rate Approximation by Non-negative Cubic Splines (2008) Alizadeh, F., Eckstein, J., Noyan, N., Rudolf, G., Operations Research [link]

·         Generating 3-Vertex Connected Spanning Subgraphs (2008) Boros, E., Borys, K., Gurvich, V., Rudolf, G., Discrete Mathematics [link]

·         On Short Paths Interdiction problems: Total and Node-wise Limited Interdiction (2008) Khachiyan, L., Boros, E., Borys, K., Elbassioni, K., Gurvich, V., Rudolf, G., Zhao, J., Theory of Computing Systems [link]

·         Generating Minimal k-Vertex Connected Spanning Subgraphs (2007) Boros, E., Borys, K., Elbassioni, K., Gurvich, V., Makino, K., LNCS Computing and Combinatorics [link]

·         Minimal Universal Bipartite Graphs (2007) Lozin, V., Rudolf, G., Ars Combinatoria

·         Relaxations of Linear Programming Problems with First Order Stochastic Dominance Constraints (2006) Noyan N., Rudolf, G., Ruszczynski, A., Operations Research Letters [link]

·         On the Sharpness and Generalizations of the Fine-Wilf Periodicity Theorem (2003) Rudolf, G., Pure Mathematics and Applications






·         INDR 252 – Applied Statistics

·         ENGR 200 – Probability and Random Variables for Engineers

·         INDR 473/573 – Financial Engineering



















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