Some of the recent Publications of Prof Aksun:

Journal Articles:

T. Onal, M. I. Aksun and N. Kinayman, “A rigorous and efficient analysis of 3D printed circuits: vertical conductors arbitrarily distributed in multilayer environment,” Accepted for publication in IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat.

T. Onal, M. I. Aksun and N. Kinayman, “An efficient full-wave simulation algorithm of multiple vertical conductors in printed circuits,” IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech, vol. 54, pp. 3739 – 3745, Oct. 2006.

M. I. Aksun and Gulbin Dural, “Clarification of issues on the closed-form Green's functions in stratified media,” IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagation, vol. AP-53, pp. 3644-3653, Nov. 2005.

L. Moisev, C. Cantor, M. I. Aksun, M. Dogan, B. B. Goldberg, A. K. Swan and M. S. Unlu, “Spectral self-interference fluorescence microscopy,” Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 96, pp. 5311-5315, Nov. 1, 2004.

Ozlem Ozgun, Selma Mutlu, M. I. Aksun, and Lale Alatan,” Design of dual-band patch antennas with slots and shorting pins via genetic algorithms,” IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagation, vol. AP-51, pp. 1947-1954, Aug. 2003.


Conference Papers:

M. I. Aksun, “Efficient analysis of printed structures in multilayered media,” LEMA-EPFL Workshop on Numerical Electromagnetics, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, July 16-17, 2007. (Invited)

M. I. Aksun, “Current Status of the Combination of Method of Moments and DCIM,” IVth International Workshop on Electromagnetic Wave Scattering, Gebze, Kocaeli, Türkiye, September 18-22, 2006. (Invited).

M. I. Aksun, “Momentler Yöntemi ve Kapalý-Form Green Fonksiyonlarý Karma Yöntemindeki Son Geliþmeler,” URSI – Türkiye 2006, 4. Ulusal Kongresi, 6-8 Eylül 2006. (Invited).

M. I. Aksun, T. Onal, “Critical Study of DCIM, and Development of Efficient Simulation Tool for 3D Printed Structures in Multilayer Media,” PIERS 2006 in Cambridge, 26-29 March 2006.

M. I. Aksun “Kapalý-Form Green fonksiyonlarý – Yöntem, Sorunlar ve Uygulamalar,” URSI – Türkiye 2004, 2. Ulusal Kongresi, 8-10 Eylül 2004. (Invited).

      Books, etc.:

Noyan Kinayman and M. I. Aksun,” EMPLAN: Electromagnetic Analysis of Printed Structures in Planarly Layered Media,” Software and User’s manual, Artech House, Boston, 2000.

Noyan Kinayman and M. I. Aksun,” Modern Microwave Circuits,” Artech House, Boston, 2005.

Prof. M. Irsadi Aksun

Professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Dean of College of Engineering