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In this project our aim is design toast machine in NX and after that experimenting some simulations on our project. We all know that toast machine is one of the most important kitchen devices, which provide us easy hot eating. It consists a resistor, which is between middle platform and the grill. With electricity, we can heat the resistor and have a heat, which we warm up our toasts. Also this toast machine produce 1000W power.

There are also heat level on toast machine, which people can adjust the heat level. Also compressing top of toast machine help to convey heat for our toasts.

Meet Our Team

Oguz Karadeniz

Batuhan Tokgoz

Bahattin Tutuncu



We choose toast machine, because most of people like to eat toasts, because of that it is one of the most important tool, which helps our life. In design there are 10 main parts, which are covers, middle platforms, resistors, grills, rotating parts, resistor holders, metal grill holders, lockers, black parts and grill holders. All pieces we use in upper cover and lower cover on toast machine, but shapes are not same exactly.

After disassembly, all the dimensions of the parts were measured. Measuring is not a difficult part of this project but after finishing measuring we started to sketching. Probably the most difficult part is the covers because, it is very difficult to calculate the correct angle of the top side. To accomplish this problem we draw a big ball and subtracted the top side after comparing with geometrical calculations.

This angle also make our job difficult, when we try to place inside things. Other parts are easier than covers but one piece had approximately 100 operations on NX. In assembly we took covers and set every piece in order. There are some mistakes, which are in dimensions, but we fix them all.

After we finish one part, we use second cover and assembly as the first one. Finally we have 2 pieces, which are totally assembled. And then we assembled covers with each other and our project is ready.

After complete the assemblies, we started doing stress analysis for the covers. We used 50N on the cover. Our material is structural steel.


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