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Functional Surfaces

Functional composite coatings consisting of nano- and micro- filler particles are suitable candidates to meet the property and performance requirements in applications ranging from aerospace to biomedical implants. We design and synthesis functional composite surfaces with specific surface properties and functionalities like anti-icing, anti-corossive and anti-microbial surfaces. The functionality is based upon the release of active agents from the functional composite surfaces. Functional surfaces are synthesized by using spin coating, dip coating, drop casting and layer-by-layer deposition techniques.

Self-Organization of Polymers
Stimuli-responsive polymeric materials are capable of changing their physical behaviour with an external stimuli in the environment. The undersatnding and tailoring the properties of self-assembled strcutures built by stimuli-responsive polymers are improtant in biomedical applications. We investiagte the formation and controlled release applications of hydrogen-bonded self-ssembled structures of thermoresponive polymer and pH resposive molecules.

Drug Solubilization
Drugs with low aqueous solubility and good permeability have dissolution-related bioavailability problems. The preparation of solid dispersion is one of the prominent methods to enhance solubility, dissolution rate and thus, bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs.