Text: Calculus: A Complete Course, 8th Ed. by Adams & Essex.

Sections to be Covered: 1.2-5, 2.1-6, 2.8-9, 3.1-3, 3.5, 4.3-6, 4.8-10, 5.1-7, 6.1-2, 6.5, 7.1, 9.1-7.

Homework and Problem Sessions:  HW problems will be posted on the webpage. Although these will NOT be collected, you should work on them regularly. During the Problem Sessions, the Teaching Assistants will discuss solutions to some of the assigned HW problems.

Evaluation: Your progress will be evaluated according to your performance in two midterm exams (30% each) and a final exam (40%). All the information regarding the exams will be announced on the webpage of the course. Calculators will not be allowed in the exams. The passing grade (D) is at least 40 out of 100.

Make-up Exam: If you miss and exam (midterm or final) and you have a health report approved by the KU Health Center or an official excuse approved by the Dean of students, you may take the make-up exam. All the make-up exams will take place on the same day at the end of the semester, after the final exam. 

Class Conduct:

(1) Cell phones and computers (including all tablets) must be switched off and put away. You are not to make or receive any calls, text messages, or use your tablet or laptop computers during the Lectures.

(2) Attendance will NOT be taken in the Lectures and Problem Sessions.

(3) Please do not be late. I have the right not to allow a student to attend my lecture if he/she is repeatedly late.

(4) During the lecture you cannot leave the classroom unless there is a medical emergency.