BIOL 200


Biol 200 Syllabus (word document)

Catalog Description Principles of biochemistry; molecular and cell biology. General introduction to cell structure and function. Genetics, bioenergetics, anatomy, and physiology: introduction to biotechnology.

Instructor: Özlem Keskin

Office: ENG 253

Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday 16:00-17:00

Textbook: Essential Cell Biology: An Introduction to the Molecular Biology of the Cell.  Bruce Alberts, Dennis Bray, Alexander Johnson, Julian Lewis, Martin Raff, Keith Roberts, and Peter Walter. Garland Science Publishing. 

Class Hours: Mon and Wed B1

Location of the class:  Scie Z42

Attendance: In accordance with University policy, students are expected to attend all lectures. Regular attendance and participation in class and problem sessions will be taken into positive consideration in determining the grades of borderline students.




Midterm I 20%
Midterm II 20%
Final 40%
Quizzes + Homeworks + Attendance 20%


Cellular and molecular biology

v     Introduction to cells

v     Chemical components of cells

v     Energy, catalysis, and biosynthesis

v     How cells obtain energy from food

v     Protein structure and function

v     Membrane structure

v     Membrane transport

v     Cell communication

v     Energy generation in mitochondria and chloroplast

Biotechnology and genetic engineering

v     DNA

v     From DNA to protein

v     Chromosomes and gene regulation

v     Genetic variation

v     Mitosis and meiosis

v     DNA Technology

v     Applications of DNA technology






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