ChBi 406




Prerequisite: Biol 200 or Consent of the instructor

Instructor:  Özlem Keskin                                     

Office:  Eng 224

Textbook: Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics (by Pevsner)




Lecture Notes



Lecture 1 (intro)

Lecture 2-5 (biology review-molecular biology-proteins, dna, rna)

Lecture 7-8 (Databases)

Lecture 6 (NCBI database)

Lecture 9-11 (Substitution matrices)

Lecture 12-14 (Pairwise alignment)

Lecture 15-16 (Statistics-probability)

Lecture 17-19 (multiple seq alignment-1)

Lecture 20-21 (multiple seq alignment-2)

Lecture 22-23 (Phylogeny)

Lecture (24-27) Microarray

Lecture 28-29 (intro to structural bioinformatics)