Graduate student supervision


Waleed Bim Qaim, MS, 2016-ongoing

Berkin Güler, MS, 2015-ongoing

Sanaz T. Boshrooyeh, PhD, 2014-ongoing

Yahya H. Nazarabadi, PhD, 2014-ongoing

Beakal Assefa, PhD, 2014-ongoing

Seyhan Uçar, Visible Light Communication Assisted Secure and Efficient Architecture For Autonomous Platoon, PhD, (2017)

Ahsan Ali, Workload Management in Distributed Data Centers: Spatial and Thermal Awareness for Energy Efficiency, (2016)

Seyhan Uçar, Multi-Hop Cluster and LTE Based Heterogeneous Architecture for VANET, (2013)

Hüseyin Güler, Energy Cost Optimization in Large Scale Distributed Systems by Resource Allocation Techniques, (2013)

İrem Nizamoğlu, Epidemic Density Adaptive Data Dissemination Exploiting Opposite Lane in VANETs, (2013)

Adilet Kachkeev, InterLocal: Integrity and Replication Guaranteed Locality-based Peer-to-Peer Storage System, (2013)

Nabeel Akhtar, Vehicle Mobility, Communication Channel Modeling and Traffic Density Estimation in VANETs, (2013)

Ertem Esiner, FlexDPDP: Flexible Dynamic Provable Data Possession, (2013)

Emrah Çem, Discovery of Frequent Item Set in P2P Networks, (2010).

Emre İskender, Effect of Overlay Topology on Peer-to-Peer Data Dissemination and Buffer Management, (2009).

Emre Atsan, A Scalable and Reactive Replication Framework For Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, (2007).

İstemi Ekin Akkuş, Peer-to-Peer Multipoint Videoconferencing System using Layered-Video, (2007).

Emrah Ahi, Design and Analysis of a Novel Buffer Management Model for Reliable Content Dissemination, (2007).

Ali Alagöz, Design and Performance Evaluation of a System for Epidemic PeertoPeer Content Distribution, (2006).

Zülküf Genç, Epidemic-based Reliable and Adaptive Multicast for Mobile Ad hoc Networks, (2006).

Tahir Çelebi, Peer-to-Peer Multipoint Videoconferencing, (2005).

M. Can Filibeli, Embedded Web Server Based Home Appliance Networks, (2005).