Graduate students


§  Faizan Safdar Ali, MS, ongoing, Blockchain Framework for P2P Energy Trading, expected Dec 2020.

§  Waris Gill, MS, ongoing, Edge Computing in Oil Refinery Sensor Systems, expected Sep 2020. 

§  Karim Sonbol, MS, ongoing, Consistency Mechanisms and Benchmarking in Geo-replicated Key-Value Stores, expected Mar 2020.

§  Ahnaf Lodhi, PhD, ongoing, ML Methods in Edge Computing.

§  Sanaz Taheri Boshrooyeh, A Framework of Privacy-Preserving Services for Distributed Online Social Networks, PhD in Computer Sciences and Engineering, Oct 2019.

§  Beakal Gizachew Assefa, Traffic Aware, Utility and Machine Learning Based Framework for Energy Efficiency in Software Defined Networks, PhD in Computer Sciences and Engineering, Aug 2019.

§  Yahya Hassanzadeh Nazarabadi, SEALA: Secure, Efficient, Availability, and Locality Aware Peer-to-Peer Cloud Storage Platform-as-a-Service, PhD in Computer Sciences and Engineering, May 2019. (*Recipient of Koç University Graduate Studies Excellence Award, 2019).   

§  Waleed B. Qaim, Data Replication and Collection Framework for Enhanced Data Availability in IoT-based Sensor Systems, MS, Sep 2018.

§  Berkin Güler, Load-Aware Compressed Incremental Checkpointing for Primary-Backup Replication, MS, Jan 2018.

§  Seyhan Uçar, Visible Light Communication Assisted Secure and Efficient Architecture for Autonomous Platoon, PhD in Computer Sciences and Engineering, Feb 2017.

(*Recipient of IEEE Turkey Section Best Ph.D. Thesis Award, 2017, and Koç University Graduate Studies Excellence Award, 2017)

§  Ahsan Ali, MS, Workload Management in Distributed Data Centers: Spatial and Thermal Awareness for Energy Efficiency, MS, August, 2016.

§  Seyhan Uçar, Multi-Hop Cluster and LTE Based Heterogeneous Architecture for VANET, MS, September 2013.

§  Hüseyin Güler, Energy Cost Optimization in Large Scale Distributed Systems by Resource Allocation Techniques, MS, September 2013.

§  İrem Nizamoğlu, Epidemic Density Adaptive Data Dissemination Exploiting Opposite Lane in VANETs, MS, August 2013.

§  Adilet Kachkeev, InterLocal: Integrity and Replication Guaranteed Locality-based Peer-to-Peer Storage System, MS, July 2013.

§  Nabeel Akhtar, Vehicle Mobility, Communication Channel Modeling and Traffic Density Estimation in VANETs, MS, July 2013.

§  Ertem Esiner, FlexDPDP: Flexible Dynamic Provable Data Possession, MS, July 2013.

§  Emrah Çem, Discovery of Frequent Item Set in P2P Networks, MS, 2010.

§  Emre İskender, Effect of Overlay Topology on Peer-to-Peer Data Dissemination and Buffer Management, MS, 2009.

§  Emre Atsan, A Scalable and Reactive Replication Framework For Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, MS, 2007.

§  İstemi Ekin Akkuş, Peer-to-Peer Multipoint Videoconferencing System using Layered-Video, MS, 2007.

§  Emrah Ahi, Design and Analysis of a Novel Buffer Management Model for Reliable Content Dissemination, MS, 2007.

§  Ali Alagöz, Design and Performance Evaluation of a System for Epidemic PeertoPeer Content Distribution, MS, 2007.

§  Zülküf Genç, Epidemic-based Reliable and Adaptive Multicast for Mobile Ad hoc Networks, MS, 2006.

§  Tahir Çelebi, Peer-to-Peer Multipoint Videoconferencing, MS, 2005.

§  M. Can Filibeli, Embedded Web Server Based Home Appliance Networks, MS, 2005.