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   Operations Research Center for Industrial and Business Systems

   Seminar Series 1995-2007






4/6/2007 Oualid Jouini, Laboratoire Génie Industriel of Ecole Centrale, Paris  Modeling Call Centers with Delays Information
8/5/2007 Kemal Altinkemer, Purdue University Online Consultation and Second Opinion 
7/5/2007 Yves Dallery, Ecole Centrale Paris Assessing the benefits of using the RFID technology on supply chain operations 
29/4/2007 Juan  José Salazar González, Universidad de La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain The stochastic pickup - and - delivery travelling salesman problem
13/4/2007 Marta Wosinska, Harvard University Increasing Generic Utilization through Education and Coupons: Results from a Randomized Study with Patient and Physician Interventions
28/3/2007 Ravi Anupindi, University of Michigan   Strategic Inventories in Vertical Contracts 
23/3/2007 Oya Ekin Karasan, Bilkent University  Regenerator Placement and Signal Routing in Survivable Optical Networks
16/3/2007 Özgür Yılmaz, Koç University Kidney Exchange: An Egalitarian Mechanism
14/4/2007 Tamer Boyaci, McGill University  An Analysis of Monopolistic and Competitive Collection Schemes for Recycling 
23/2/2007 Ray Patterson, University of Alberta Design of Robust Multi-Use Wide Area Networks: A Ring Selection Problem
16/2/2007 Skander Esseghaier, Koc University  Contingent Free Shipping and Repeat Buying on the Internet 
9/2/2007 Bacel Maddah, American University of Beirut, Lebanon  Pricing, Assortment, and Inventory Decisions in Retail Operations Management
22/12/2006 Ahmet Kuyumcu, Prorize LLC Pricing and Revenue Management and its Application for Hotels and Gaming Resorts
1/12/2006 Selim Aktürk, Bilkent University  Bi-criteria scheduling with controllable processing times
24/11/2006 Philippe Chevalier, IAG-Louvain School of Management, Belgium Multi-class multi-server queuing performance approximations based on loss models
13/10/2006 Tamer Boyacı, McGill University Information Acquisition for Capacity Planning via Pricing and Advance Selling: When to Stop and Act?
6/10/2006 Wheyming Tina Song, National Tsing Hua University The Leading-Digit Procedure and Format for Displaying Tables of Statistical Point Estimators and Their Standard Errors in Simulation Experiments
19/7/2006 Barış Balcıoğlu, University of Toronto Analysis of Make-to-Stock Queues with General Production Times
16/6/2006 Kerem Bülbül, Sabancı University Delay Constrained Minimum Power Broadcasting in Wireless Networks
9/6/2006 Dave Goldsman, Georgia Institute of Technology Exact Expected Values of Variance Estimators in Steady-State Compute Simulation
11/5/2006 Kristin Bennett, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Optimization Challenges in Machine Learning
28/4/2006 Anant Balakrishnan, University of Texas at Austin Browse and Switch: Retail-Online Competition under Value Uncertainty
21/4/2006 Michal Tzur, Tel Aviv University Efficient and Robust Design for Transshipment Networks
10/3/2006 Ayhan Demiriz, Sakarya University Product Recommender Systems on Sparse Binary Data
3/3/2006 Emre Alper Yıldırım, Bilkent University On Extracting Maximum Stable Sets in Perfect Graphs Using Lov'asz's Theta Function
17/2/2006 Jan Fransoo, Eindhoven University of Technology Excess Shelf Space in Grocery Retail Stores
20/1/2006 Ayşe Kocabıyıkoğlu, Bilkent University Managerial Motivation Dynamics and Incentives
17/1/2006 Itır Karaesmen, University of Maryland Managing Inventories of Perishables: The Effect of Substitution
5/1/2006 Güzin Bayraksan, University of Arizona Assessing Solution Quality in Stochastic Programs
18/1/2005 Necati Aras, Boğaziçi University Product Line Selection and Pricing with Remanufacturing
7/1/2005 Emre Erdoğan, Columbia University Robust Portfolio Management
4/1/2005 Aytaç İlhan, Oxford University Optimal Static-Dynamic Hedges for Exotic Options
11/2/2005 Cristoph Loch, INSEAD Emotions, Incentives and Motivation of Professional Workers
11/3/2005 Funda Sivrikaya Şerifoğlu, Abant İzzet Baysal University A Bi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Approach to Project Scheduling Under Risk
22/3/2005 Murali Mantrala, University of Missouri-Columbia When Should Store Brands Be Integrated Into Category Management? 
25/3/2005 Füsun Ülengin, İstanbul Technical University An Integrated Decision Support Aid for the Strategic Transportation Master Plan of Turkey
8/4/2005 Murat Köksalan, METU Multi-criteria Sorting Problem
15/4/2005 Burcu Özçam, North Caroline State University & SAS Institute  On Solving Semi-Infinite Variational Inequalities and Other Large Scale OR Problems from Industry
6/5/2005 Noah Gans, The Wharton School Pricing and Rationing in Rentals
13/5/2005 Hulisi Öğüt, University of Texas at Dallas Intrusion Detection Policies for IT Security Breaches
3/6/2005 Kalyan T. Talluri, Universitat Pompeu Fabra Design and Positioning of Revenue Management Products
17/6/2005 Kerem Tomak, Universtiy of Texas at Austin Strategic Pricing in Differentiated Information Goods Markets When Consumers Maintain Mental Accounts
7/7/2005 Mahmut Parlar, McMaster University Optimal Control of a Revenue Management System with Dynamic Pricing Under Linear Demand
7/10/2005 Adil Bagirov, University of Ballarat, Victoria, Australi Nonsmooth optimization approaches to supervised and unsupervised data classification problems
25/11/2005 Alper Şen, Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Bilkent University Bundle pricing of inventories with stochastic demand
9/12/2005 Tom van Woensel, Eindhoven University of Technology An Empirical Study of Ordering Behavior of Retail Stores
16/12/2005 Nils Rudi, INSEAD

Operational Flexibility and Financial Hedging

20/12/2005 Hayriye Ayhan, Georgia Institute of Technology Throughput Maximization for Finite Tandem Queues with Flexible Servers
23/12/2005 Semih Sezer, Princeton University Sequential Analysis for Poisson and Wiener Processes
30/12/2005 Utku Yıldırım, University of Texas at Austin State Dependent Pricing in Queueing Models with Batch Arrival
20/12/2004 Yasin Özçelik, Purdue University Incentive Compatible Electronic Loyalty
17/12/2004 Bülent Çatay, Sabanci University Ant Colony Systems and Its Application to the Vehicle Routing Problem
10/12/2004 Ülkü Gürler, Bilkent University Control of Perishable Inventories
19/11/2004 Apostolos Burnetas, University of Athens Pricing Options for Service
9/11/2004 Saif Benjaafar, University of Minnesota Outsourcing via Service Competition
5/11/2004 Rafael Hassin, Tel Aviv University Equilibrium Behavior in Queuing Systems
22/10/2004 Mustafa Pınar, Bilkent University On Nonconvex Quadratic Optimization Subject to a Polyhedral Norm Constraint
28/7/2004 Jean-Philippe Gayon, Laboratoire Genie Industriel at the École Centrale Paris Using Imperfect Demand Information in Production-Inventory Systems with Multiple Customer Classes
23/6/2004 Kemal Altınkemer, Purdue University Cell & Packet Switched Network Design Using Priority Queues
1/6/2004 Zeynep Akşin and Lerzan Örmeci, Koç University Revenue Management Through Cross-Selling in Call Centers
14/5/2004 Refik Güllü, Middle East Technical University Integrating Forecast Evolution with Production/Inventory Planning: An Implementation Framework for a Fast Moving Consumer Goods Manufacturer
13/5/2004 Haldun Aytuğ, University of Florida Source Selection in Data Networks with Quality of Service Requirements
29/4/2004 Olga Ufuk Gören, Isik University Data Mining Techniques for Customer Relationship Management: A Case Study for Doğuş Otomotiv
22/3/2004 Vanessa Liu, City University of Hong Kong A Contingency Theory for Satisfaction with Internet-based Services
5/3/2004 George L. Vairaktarakis, Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University The Integrated Scheduling of Production and Distribution Operations
23/2/2004 Izak Benbasat, University of British Columbia in Vancouver A Program Of Studies To Improve User - Technology Communications In Electronic Business
20/2/2004 Özden Gür Ali, ZS Associates Reacting to payer influence in pharmaceutical marketing
19/2/2004 Yigal Gerchak, Tel-Aviv University Untruthful Probabilistic Demand Forecasts in Vendor-Managed Revenue-Sharing Contracts Coordinate the Chain
22/1/2004 İbrahim Mesçioğlu, University of Texas at Dallas Probabilistic Recommender Systems with Sparse Data
15/1/2004 Leo Lopes, University of Arizona Modeling Stochastic Optimization: From Idea to Instance
14/1/2004 Leyla Özsen, Northwestern University Joint Location - Inventory Planning with Risk Pooling
12/1/2004 Aydın Alptekinoğlu, Anderson Graduate School of Management, UCLA Mass Customization versus Mass Production
9/1/2004 Evrim Güneş, INSEAD Value Creation in Service Delivery: Relating Market Segmentation, Incentives and Operational Performance
7/1/2004 Ayşe P. Gürses, University of Wisconsin - Madison Work Obstacles and Facilitators, Workload, Quality of Working Life, and Quality of Care Among Intensive Care Nurses
16/12/2003 Zeger Degraeve, London Business School Project Options Valuation with Net Present Value and Decision Tree Analysis
20/11/2004 Dilek Tüzün, United Airlines, Chicago, USA Engine Inventory Planning at United Airlines
14/11/2003 Ger Koole, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Call Center Planning: Beyond the Erlang-C Model
26/6/2003 Fikri Karaesmen, Koç University The Effects of Decentralized Inventory Control in a Two-Stage Production-Inventory System  
15/5/2003 Can Akkan, Koç University Using Excel as a Teaching Tool in Management and Engineering
18/4/2003 Enver Yücesan, INSEAD Risk Ownership in Contract Manufacturing
3/4/2003 Osman Alp, University of Alberta Integrated Routing and Scheduling of Hazmat Trucks with Stops En - Route
6/3/2003 Deniz Özdemir, INSEAD Collaborative Planning and Replenishment Policies
27/2/2003 Hüseyin Çavuşoğlu, University of Texas at Dallas Assessing the Value of IT Security Technologies and Designing the Effective Security Architecture
20/2/2003 Hasan Çavuşoğlu, University of Texas at Dallas Strategic Analysis of Value Creation with Information Technology
6/2/2003 Özlem Yüksel, Stanford Sharing Inventory Risks for Customized Components
28/12/2002 Jeffrey Teich, New Mexico State University An Internet-Based Hybrid Procedure for Negotiations and Auctions: System, Theory and Application
26/12/2002 Avi Mandelbaum, Technion, Haifa, Israel Telephone Services: Science, Engineering, Management and Teaching
20/12/2002 Emre Berk, Bilkent University Perishable Asset Pricing with Mark-up and Mark-down Costs
13/12/2002 Susan H. Xu, Pennsylvania State University A Multi-Component Repairable System with a Coordinate Maintenance Policy
29/11/2002 Menachem Berg, University of Haifa Risk-Aversion and Choice under Uncertainty
28/11/2002 Chrissoleon Papadopoulos, University of the Aegean, Chios Island, Greece Stochastic Models of Manufacturing Systems and Analysis of a Discrete Material Flow Line with Rework Loops
15/5/2002 Meltem Denizel and Behlül Üsdiken, Sabancı University Drift or Shift? Continuity, Change and International Variation in Knowledge Production in OR/MS
27/2/2002 Reuven Rubinstein, Technion, Haifa, Israel Combinatorial Optimization via Random Walks on Graphs Relative Entropy and Rare Events
1/2/2002 Sezer Ülkü, INSEAD Risk Ownership in Contract Manufacturing
18/1/2002 Yalçın Akçay, Pennsylvania State University Joint Inventory Replenishment and Component Allocation Optimization in an Assemble-to-Order System
7/1/2002 Deniz Aksen, Purdue University Evolution from Brick-and-mortar to Click-and-mortar Business Model
2/1/2002 Funda Şahin, Texas A&M University Value of Information Sharing / Coordination in Supply Chains: Vendor-Manufacturer Relationships
26/12/2001 Zeynep Akşin, INSEAD Designing Flexibility: Characterizing the Value of Cross-Training Practices
13/12/2001 Thomas R. Jefferson, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman Quality Tolerancing and Conjugate Duality
28/11/2001 Geert-Jan van Houtum, Eindhoven University of Technology Multi-echelon Inventory Systems: An Overview of Main Results
16/3/2001 Alf Kimms, University of Kiel Some Core Problems in Perishable Asset Revenue Management
15/3/2001 Alf Kimms, University of Kiel Shortest Common Super sequences
8/6/2000 John Buzacott , York University, Toronto, Canada The Past is in the Future: Issues in Supply Chain Management
2/3/2000 Enver Yücesan, INSEAD Efficient Computation of Optimal Budget Allocation for Discrete Event Simulation Experiments
24/2/2000 Fikri Karaesmen, Ecole Centrale de Paris, France Optimal Control of Capacitated Make-to-Stock Production Systems: Dynamic Scheduling and Stock Rationing 
27/1/2000 Vladimir V. Anisimov, Bilkent University and Kiev University Asymptotic Behavior of Extreme Sets of Random Functions and Applications in Statistical Parameter Estimation
13/1/2000 Levent Mollamustafaoğlu, NATO C3 Agency, The Netherlands Mobility Analysis and Modelling in NATO Deployments
9/12/1999 Peter Brucker, University of Osnabrück, Germany

Complex Scheduling Problems

2/12/1999 Gideon Weiss, University of Haifa, Israel Scheduling and Control of Manufacturing Systems: A Fluid Approach
25/11/ 1999 Erwin Pesch, University of Bonn, Germany Constraint Propagation in Scheduling
24/5/1999 Stanley B. Gershwin, MIT, USA System Analysis, Design, and Control: Unification and Decomposition
6/10/1998 Andreas Drexl, Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet, Germany Project Scheduling - Advanced Models and Methods for Production Management
5/10/1998 Andreas Drexl, Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet, Germany Sequencing Constrained JIT Mixed-Model Assembly Lines
18/9/1998 Chris Potts, University of Southampton, UK Local Search Heuristics for the Single Machine Total Weighted Tardiness Scheduling Problem
17/9/1998 Chris Potts, University of Southampton, UK Scheduling with Batching: A Review
3/7/1998 Stanley B. Gershwin, MIT, USA Manufacturing Systems Engineering
2/7/1998 Stanley B. Gershwin, MIT, USA New Results in Manufacturing Systems Analysis
15/6/1998 Haldun Aytuğ, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA Analyzing the Run-Time Behavior of Genetic Algorithms
15/5/1998 Nesim Erkip, Middle East Technical University Base Stock Inventory Policies Under Backorder Correlated Demand and Supply Uncertainty
6/3/1998 H. J. Zimmermann, RWTH Aachen, Germany Intelligent Decision Support Systems
5/3/1998 H. J. Zimmermann, RWTH Aachen, Germany Intelligent Data Analysis
6/2/1998 Gündüz Ulusoy, Boğaziçi University Project scheduling: an overview.
9/1/1998 Egemen Lerzan Örmeci, Case Western Reserve University, USA Idling Rules for Queues with Preferred Customers
5/1/1998 Beril Toktay, MIT, USA Analysis of a Production-Inventory System under Complex Demand and Forecasting Processes
23/12/1997 Vedat Verter, Mc Gill University, Canada Integrated Approaches for Supply Chain Management
5/3/1997 Izak Duenyas, University of Michigan, USA Optimal Admission Control and Sequencing in a Make-To-Stock/Make-To-Order Production System
3/2/1997 Çelik Parkan, City University of Hong Kong, HK Performance Measurement
25/7/1996 İzzet Şahin, Unversity of Wisconsin-Madison, USA Warranty Cost Analysis: Unit Warranties
20/6/1996 Panos Kouvelis, Duke University, USA The Newsvendor Problem in a Global Market: Centralized/Decentralized Inventory Policies and Managerial Decision Making Coordination through Irrational Internal Markets
17/4/1996 Erhan Erkut, University of Alberta, Canada Modeling of Transport Risk for Hazardous Materials 
1/2/1995 Selçuk Karabatı, Bilkent University Resource Allocation Problems in Flow Lines