Coursework at the University of Chicago and UC Berkeley

Coursework at the University of Chicago

Political Science (roughly chronological)

Polisci 276/376: War and the Nation-State, John J. Mearsheimer
Polisci 270: Theories of International Relations, Alexander Wendt
Transnationalism in a Post-Colonial World, Rashid Khalidi
Polisci 293/490: History and Politics of the Soviet Union, Ronald G. Suny
Polisci 245/359: Gandhi, Lloyd Rudolph
Polisci 259/356: Japanese Politics, Bernard Silberman
Comparative Capitalisms, Gary Herrigel
Polisci 289/399: Strategy, Robert Pape
U.S. Foreign Economic Policy, Lloyd Gruber
Polisci 218: Global Governance, Jennifer Mitzen


Sociology 235/335: Political Sociology, Terry Nichols Clark


Military Strategy, John D. Kelly


Philosophy 216/316, Human Rights I, Michael Green


Econ 200: Elements of Economic Analysis


History 260/360: United States and the Middle East: 1900 to the Present, Salim Yaqub
History 259/359: History of the Islamic Middle East III, 1700 to the Present, Holy Shissler
History 261: Latin American Revolutions, Claudio Lomnitz
Russia's Muslims, Michael Khodarkovsky
Russian Imperial History, Richard Hellie
Turkic Peoples of Central Asia, Kagan Arik

Core Curriculum

Humanities 123 and 124: Human Being and Citizen
Social Sciences 111-112-113: Power, Identity, Resistance
Western Civilization Sequence (Study Abroad program in Vienna)
Art History 152: Art of the West, 20th century
Physical Sciences 119-120: Introduction to Astrophysics I and II
BioSci 100: Core Biology
Mathematics 151-152-153: Calculus I, II, and III
German Language and Literature

Coursework at the UC Berkeley

Political Science

PS 200, Comparative Politics, Andrew C. Janos
PS 200, Comparative Politics, M. Steven Fish
PS 202A, Theories of Development, Kiren A. Chaudhry
PS 204, Political Leadership, George W. Breslauer
PS 209A, Post-Fordism, Kiren A. Chaudhry
PS 210, Identities and Institutional Change in Contemporary Europe, J. Nicholas Ziegler and Jost Halfmann
PS 214, Themes in Western Political Theory: Sovereignty, Wendy Brown
PS 214, Themes in Western Political Theory, Hanna Pitkin
PS 218A, Colloquium on Political Theory, Mark Bevir
PS 241D, Politics of the Post-Communist World, Andrew C. Janos and Edward W. Walker
PS 242, Topics in Middle Eastern Politics, Kiren A. Chaudhry
PS 249R, Comparative Perspectives on Religion, Olivier Roy
PS 290, Dissertation Research, Paul Pierson
PS 301, Graduate Student Instructor Training Seminar, Ivan Ascher


Sociology 280P, The Russian Experience in the Twentieth Century, by Victoria E. Bonnell


History 280B, Historiography of the Soviet Union, by Yuri Slezkine

German Studies

German 160D, Multicultural Germany, by Deniz Gokturk

Foreign Languages

German 101, Advanced German, by Nina Merolle
Slavic 120A, Advanced Russian Conversation/Communication, by Lisa Little
Slavic 103A, Advanced Russian, by Arkady Alexeev
Slavic 1, Elementary Russian, by Lisa Little
Slavic 2, Elementary Russian, by Lisa Little
Slavic 3, Intermediate Russian