Research interests

We are working on various aspects of surface chemistry and catalysis. We engineer thin metal and metal oxide films and nanostructures in order to gain fundemental understanding of important chemical transformations taking place at the interfaces. We conduct an active research in the field of hydrogen production and storage, (photo)-ectrochemisty, fuel cells, artificial photosynthesis and heterogenous catalysis.

We utilize a rainbow of spectroscopic techniques (vibrational spectroscopy, core level spectroscopy) in order to characerize materials we synthesize in our laboratory. Synchrotron based X-ray spectroscopy takes an important part in our research. We put special effort in determining activities in reaction conditions.

The details of our current research activities can be found below:

Graphene and graphene functionalization

Solar fuel generation

Fuel cells

Water and ice

Surface science

Thin films

Heterogeneous catalysis

Core level spectroscopy

Ultrafast spectroscopy