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Working Papers

Goood Things Come to Those Who (Are Taught How to) Wait: Results from a Randomized Educational Intervention on Time Preference

Parental socialisation effort and the intergenerational transmission of risk preferences (with Sule Alan, Nazli Baydar, Teodora Boneva and Thomas F. Crossley)
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Optimal Information Revelation in the Presence of Social Comparisons: Theory and Experiments

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Work in Progress

Perseverance and the Response to Performance Feedback: Evidence from a Randomized Growth-Mindset Training Intervention (with Sule Alan and Teodora Boneva)

Leadership and Group Decision-Making Under Risk: Evidence from Children (with Sule Alan and Elif Kubilay)

Strategic Interim Performance Feedback in a Real-Effort Setting: Experimental Evidence (with Levent Kockesen and Duygu Ozdemir)

Default and Feedback Effects Mitigate Gender Gaps in Competition (with Sandra Maximiano)

Escalation of Commitment and Ego Relevance (with David Eil and Justin Rao)

Can Exposure to Female Role Models Mitigate Gender Differences in Economic Behavior? : A Randomized-Controlled Intervention (with Sule Alan, Nergis Zaim)

Rubinstein Meets Abraham: An Analysis of Bargaining Behavior During the Festival of Sacrifice (with Burak Dindaroglu)

Willingness for Decision Autonomy and Willingness to Take Responsibility (with Mert Gumren and Yigit Gurdal)

Social Information and Gender Differences in Competitiveness (with Marie Claire Villeval)