A. L. Demirel Research Group

Surface & Polymer Physical Chemistry


Koç University
Chemistry Department

Materials Science & Engineering Program

Rumelifeneri Yolu
Sarıyer, 34450 İstanbul, Turkey


Phone:     90-212-3381370

Fax:         90-212-3381559

E-mail:   sppcku.edu.tr



















Self-assembly of macromolecules into well-defined nanostructures is mainly governed by interfacial interactions between immsicible components. The role of interfacial interactions and the influence of surfaces & interfaces on physico-chemical processes increase proportionately as the sizes shrink down to nanometers. Our research aims to elucidate the fundamental principles of surface & polymer physical chemistry and to devise practical applications of this understanding. We focus on soft materials, namely polymers, peptides, surfactants and colloids.