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Research Interests

Methodologies: Combinatorial optimization, network models, approximation algorithms, metaheuristics

Application Areas: Network design in telecommunication and logistics, facility location problems, production scheduling problems, disaster preparedness and response logistics, collection problems in healthcare and reverse logistics

Current Research Projects

  • Logistics Planning for Restoration of Network Connectivity After a Disaster

  • Modeling the Disaster Vulnerability of Infrastructure Networks

  • Quantifying the Benefits of Relief Aid Agency Cooperation in Humanitarian Logistics

  • Routing and Scheduling Problems in Reverse Logistics and Healthcare Services

Sponsored Research

 TUBITAK Research Project, (111M357), 2012 - 2014: Logistics Planning for Restoring the Connectivity of Highways after a Disaster, Investigator: F. S. Salman, Funding: $57,000.


 NATO Collaborative Linkage Grant, 2007-2009: Locating Disaster Response Facilities for Effective Distribution of Emergency Supplies, Principle Investigators: F. S. Salman, R. Hassin, R. Ravi. Funding: 10,000 Euro.


 TUBITAK CAREER AWARD (105M316), 2006 - 2011: Stochastic Network Optimization Methods with Applications in Disaster Management, Investigator: F. S. Salman, Funding: $176,000.


 TUBITAK Research Project, 2006-2008: Call Center Workforce Planning; Co-investigators: L. Ormeci, D. Aksen, A. Erdem, F. S. Salman, S. Savas.


 Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 2006-2007:  Post-disaster Logistics Planning for the City of Istanbul; Co-investigators: D. Gunnec, F. S. Salman.


 Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 2006-2007: Automatic Video Processing for Traffic Data Generation, Co-investigators: A. M. Tekalp, F. S. Salman.


 KUMPEM, 2004-2006: Vendor Selection under Product Assortment and Inventory Considerations; Co-Principal Investigators: F. Karaesmen, F. S. Salman, M. Türkay; Funding: $19,000.




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