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ARHA/HIST 350: History of Byzantium and Constantinople from Severus to the end of Heraclius' reign: Kutlu Akalın

Focusing on the birth and development of Byzantium and Constantinople until the end of Heraclius' reign (641). Political and social history as well as art history. This is going to be an intensive historical survey of the city of Byzantium/Constantinople. The students will be introduced to the rich source-material through extended primary-source readings. At least two sight-seeing trips will be conducted. The political narration will be blended into the social and cultural history of the period.

ARHA/HIST 351: Byzantıum And The Ottomans: Savas Kyriakis

This course introduces students to the relations between the Byzantines and the Ottomans. Students will read not only modern books, but also primary written sources. There will also be visual presentations to show how other material types of primary sources - such as archaeology and epigraphy - can tell us about the defense of the Byzantines against the Ottomans as well as the changes that occurred in the territories captured by the Ottomans. The format of the course is a combination of lectures, discussions, and visual presentations based upon the themes and sources.

ARHA 450: The Architecture of the Ancient Near East: Çiğdem Maner

The Ancient Near East is covering Anatolia, Iran, Irak, Syria, Palestine, Libanon and Jordan. We will have a look at the architecture starting from the Paleolithic period until the Persian Empire. Cities, temples, dwellings, palaces, tombs, sanctuaries and reliefs will be analyzed in this course.