Koç University

International Summer School



COMM 101: Basic Academic Writing: Anna McMurray - David O'Regan - Fred Reece - Lia McCoskey

Introduces students to conventions of academic writing. Attention is given to aspects of content, organization, and style as well as to appropriate standards for acknowledging and citing scholarly sources. Skills are reinforced through a focus on different course themes, whose academic content encourages critical reading, analysis, and the acquisition of informed opinion.

COMM 102: Advanced Academic Writing: Anthony Townley - Edward Dunkley - Eileen Feeney - Stella Clarkson - Vicki Taylor

Building on skills developed in Comm 101, course themes present more advanced reading and writing tasks. Emphasis continues to be on critical analysis, accurate summary, paraphrase, and appropriate methods of citation. The major course component is a scholarly research paper.

COMM 304: Intercultural Communication: Cynthia Apollo

This course focuses on the key concepts of communication and culture covering such topics as barriers in intercultural communication; dimensions of culture; multiculturalism, women, family and children; and cultures influence on perception. It will help students build communication skills with particular emphasis on crossing cultural barriers through student activities.

COMM 210: Effective Presentations: Eileen Feeney

Oral presentation of speeches, proposals, and reports for professional and academic purposes. Overcoming fear of speaking; organizing messages; strategies for informing and persuading; non-verbal communication; use of visual aids.

COMM 300: Creative Writing: Lia McCoskey

Develop creative expression in written English; works by acclaimed as well as lesser-known writers to exemplify literary techniques. Projects may include poems, stories, essays, and plays. Prerequisite: COMM 101 and COMM 102

COMM 320: Business Communication: Valerie Tasiran

Oral and written activities based on actual case studies; presentation and review of specific business English, both grammatical and stylistic; personal CVs, job application letters, and interviewing skills; basic business genres of memos, letters, and reports; raising awareness of cross-cultural communication issues.

COMM 350: Conflict Resolution: Cynthia Apollo

COMM 351: Advanced Creative Writing: Julie Doxsee