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PSYC 350: Systems Theory and Family Therapy: Raquel Delevi

The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to marriage and family therapy and systems theory. Selected family therapy frameworks including structural, intergenerational (Bowenian), solution focused, experiential, and narrative theories will be presented. Skills and techniques to assess and establish therapeutic rapport with families will be demonstrated through role playing and case analyses.

PSYC 351: Psychology of Morality: Selin Kesebir

This course surveys questions on the psychology of human morality such as:
What is morality?
What are basic dimensions of morality?
What are the evolutionary and developmental origins of human morality?
What psychological processes are involved in moral judgments?
What are human moral emotions and how do they affect our behaviors?
What are the sources of moral convictions?
What conditions elicit caring and what conditions elicit evildoing?
How do moral concerns play out in economic life?