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International Summer School




TURK 100: Turkish Speech - Composition: Aysel Güneş - Dilek Koçak - Ayşe Öykü İş - Gülşah Taşkın - Veli Uğur - Simla Şirin Göksel - Ogün Kırtıl

This one semester course has two modules that are designed to build up students' oral and written competence in their mother tongue for effective high level scientific and professional communications.

LITR 350: Selected Topics: Modernization and Gender in Turkish Literature: Ayşe Öykü İş

This course aims to discuss the effects of modernization experience on gender through analyses of the literary narratives. It will be explored to what extent the new gender identities and new relations between men and women are related with the modernization project. While exploring these relations, our primary focus will be literature which has been one of the significant tools of Turkish modernization. The course will cover the relations between gender and the themes listed below: The new perception on woman/man, East/ West dichotomy or hybridity, I. World War, Nationalism, War of Independence, Socialism, Feminism, villager/intellectual relations, Islamism and Homosexuality. All of these themes will be discussed with a special focus on the novels and short stories which are representatives of each period. The relation between the narrative structure of the novels/short stories and their content will also be scrutinized.

LITR 401: Contemporary Turkish Poetry: Aysel Güneş

The purpose of this lesson is to review and analyze Turkish Poetry in the Republican period. Throughout the semester, this course will cover Turkish poetry's development from 1920's up to now. The course will emphasize the major literary trends, styles and themes in the Turkish poetry in the twentieth century. The poems will be analyzed with a special focus on identity, socio-political conjuncture, questions of modernism, and East-West concerns. Also the reflections of the poet's life and his/her literary personality on the poems will be examined.

LITR 405: Development of Novel in Turkish Literature: Veli Uğur

Investigates the development of novel in the Turkish literature with examples. Literary genres prior to modernity and the emergence and development of novel. Literary movements, conceptualizations of classical, modern, and post-modern novels. The emergence of novel in the Turkish literature, the relationship between identity and novel after Tanzimat reforms. The role of novel in the establishment of a national literature. The development of the Turkish novel in the context of the new regime, city culture, and modernization during the Turkish Republic. Changes in the approach to novel after 1980.

LITR 406: Modern Story In Turkish Literature: Simla Şirin Göksel

Examination of the structural and content characteristics of the story genre. Pre-modernity story genre in world literature. The differences between classical short story and the modern story. The development of modern story with examples from the Russian and Western European literature. Turkish story before modernity and the development of modern Turkish story. The state of story during periods of Tanzimat, Servet-i Fünun, and the National Literature. Basic characteristics and examples of Republican story.

LITR 450: Selected Topics: Women in Turkish Literature: Ogün Kırtıl

This course aims to study the woman characters and stereotypes in Turkish Novel in terms of Feminist Literary Criticism. In the beginning, the concepts such as feminist literary criticism, woman as writer, woman as reader will be discussed. Then, the sexist approaches will be revealed by the examination of the woman characters in the major works of the Turkish Novel. Topics discussed during the course will include also the revision of the woman literature in the light of the discussions around language and gender.