Yücel Yemez
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Engineering
Koç University
Rumeli Feneri Yolu
34450 Sarıyer, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90 (212) 338-1585  
E-Mail: yyemez@ku.edu.tr


Curriculum Vitae

(Looking currently for good PhD students on Machine Learning & Computer Vision, specifically on the topic of object recognition via deep learning)


My research is on Computer Vision and Graphics, currently focused on:

  • Multicamera motion capture, 3D object modeling and tracking
  • Object Recognition via deep learning 
  • 3D geometry modeling
  • 3D shape correspondence
  • 3D content-based object retrieval
  • Multimodal Signal Processing for Human-Machine Interface
  • Audio-driven body/face motion analysis and synthesis
  • 3D reconstruction from depth/rgb video 




Visit also MVGL (Multimedia, Vision & Graphics Lab) web page.

Prospective graduate students willing to pursue an MS or PhD study on computer graphics and vision related fields are welcome to contact me. We are especially looking for motivated graduate students that will work in the scope of several projects that we are involved in, such as


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