Seminar: March 10, 2008

Talk: Biochemical Mechanism of the Human Biological Clock

by Aziz Sancar from UNC School of Medicine

  Seminar: April 20, 2007

Talk: Common functional dynamics in the protease enzymatic
superfamily: a perspective from coarse-grained models

by Cristian Micheletti from SISSA

  Seminar: January 12, 2007

Talk: Nanostructure Design Using a Library of Protein Parts

by Ruth Nussinov from NCI

  Seminar: October 11, 2006

Talk: DNA Sequencing by hybridization and task scheduling

by Jacek Blazewicz from Poznan University of Technology

  Workshop: October 8-10, 2006
  Protein- Bioinformatics Workshop at Koç University
  Seminar: December 27, 2005

Talk: A Markov Model for Allosteric Communication in Biomolecular Systems

by Ivet Bahar from School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh

  Seminar: October 25, 2005

Talk: Analysis of HIV drug resistance phenomena with bioinformatics methods

by Thomas Lengauer from Max-Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbrucken



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