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Comm 101

Semester 2008
Essay 2 Instructions
Draft 2


Comm 101 - Homework Reminder

Your homework for 7th/8th May (beginning of class) is as follows:


From Beatriz Lia Avila Mileham’s perspective, are Brendan and Lauren cheating on each other? How would Mileham convince Brendan and Lauren that what they are doing is wrong? What justifications might Brendan and Lauren each present for their behaviour and how would Mileham respond?

  • PRINT OFF THESE INSTRUCTIONS AND INCLUDE THEM WHEN SUBMITTING YOUR SECOND DRAFT OF YOUR ESSAY - Note that there is a printer friendly MS Word version available here.
  • This is your second formal homework writing task and will account for 25% of your overall grade. The grade will be awarded for the overall process. When the teacher returns this, your second draft, you will find a grade indicated.
  • You will be given further feedback on your second draft. However, you will not have an opportunity to write any further drafts. The purpose of the feedback will therefore be to learn for your final exam and later courses.
  • When submitting your second draft, make sure you include your first draft and all the other preliminary work you may have done, including your instructor's feedback on your first draft.
  • With this draft you also need to include a new summary report of your vocabulary use as demonstrate in class. The software you should use for your report can be found here:

There is no need to print off your whole essay. Just include the percentages at the top. Your report should look like this:

  • When grading your second draft your teacher will first check that you have responded to all feedback. If you have not responded to feedback you will get no further feedback and a grade of F. In particular he will take the presence of spelling mistakes as an indication that you don't care enough to spend a few minutes running a spell check on a computer. If you don't care why should he? You are being graded on the process and your work must show improvement.
  • It is your responsibility to correct your own mistakes. If you do not know how to do so, then you should at least know how to consult resources to do so – your Handbook for Writers, dictionaries, grammar books, classmates etc. You may also ask your teacher. There is a tutorial schedule hanging on the door to his office and you must book a tutorial sometime before you submit your second draft. All this however must be done before the deadline for submission of the second draft. Failure to make corrections will result in an F grade and “I didn’t know” will not be accepted as an excuse for not correcting mistakes.   
  • Quotations should be kept to a minumum and should consist only of phrases - not whole sentences and certainly not paragraphs.
  • When using information from the texts provided, make sure you acknowledge your sources by including authors surname and page number in accordance with MLA citation guidelines. Failure to acknowledge sources will constitute plagiarism and result in a grade of F.
  • As with draft 1 you also need to submit your second draft to Make sure you submit it as a second draft - not a first.
  • This particular piece of writing should be typed and printed on A4 paper, double spaced and there should be margins on the page.  For details of how your essay should be presented click here .
  • Make sure that your essay is bound in some way - plastic wallet, stapled etc.  However, as you will be submitting two drafts at the same time, the best way to bind your work is to submit it in a plastic wallet/envelope. Whatever you do, do not present your teacher with a series of loose sheets.
  • Also include any notes, outline etc. that you may have made. This is not compulsory.
  • Number the pages in your essay
  • Each draft of your essay should be accompanied by a title page. Remember to update the word count, the draft number and the date on your second draft.
  • Feel free to book a tutorial to discuss this assignment with your teacher. A schedule of available times can be found on the door to his office - Sci Z56.
  • This assignment must be submitted as hard copy and is not acceptable as e-mail
  • As you will note, the first instruction on this page is to print off these instructions and include them when handing in your essay. Below you will find a checklist which you need to complete. This checklist is to help you ensure that you have done everything you need to do. Don't "cheat" by just ticking every box. If I find a box ticked and then find that this item is missing or has not been corrected, then I will know you have been cheating. Before you submit your work, go through the list below systematically and only tick the box after you have checked that you have in fact taken appropriate action. Failure to carry out this systematic check that you have completed all your work will result in your work being rejected.




Contains original first draft



Contains instructions for 2nd Draft



Contains title page for 1st Draft



Contains other prep work



Contains instructor’s feedback



Title page includes word count



Contains Instructions for 1st Draft



Contains Margins



Contains Vocabulary Analysis X 2



Is Double Spaced



Contains Title Page for 2nd Draft



Pages are bound



Is 4-5 pages long



Submitted to



Is typed/printed on A4 paper


  All corrections have been completed



Pages are numbered


  Had tutorial with instructor



Ran Spellcheck













Checks on Specific Errors



Checked no use of “research” in plural or tried to count research



Checked for capital I in “Internet”



Checked thesis answers all 3 questions



Have not used “I” or referred to myself



Checked used “on the Internet”



Checked use of “the” before “Internet”



Have left blank spaces after punctuation



Checked only singular use of “information”, “evidence” “support” chatting, cheating



Have not used the word “mention”



Have not used "via" inappropriately



Have not used the word "synthesis"



Have used proper transitions


Have not used inappropriate linkers     have used conditional language    
Haven't referred to affair as a person          
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