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Operations and Information Systems Group

College of Administrative Sciences and Economics


   Operations Research Center for Industrial and Business Systems

   Seminar Series 2007-2008


                                                                                                  Past ORCIBS Seminars





6/6/2008 Edwin Romeijn, University of Florida Supply chain planning problems with market choice
30/5/2008 Nilay Noyan, Sabanci University Emergency Medical Service System Design with Risk Measures
23/5/2008 İlker Birbil, Sabanci University Airline Revenue Management: A Robust Optimization Approach
Gary J Koehler, University of Florida
Strategic Learning
Shoshana Anily,  Tel Aviv University, Israel
Cooperation in Service Systems
25/4/2008 Reuven Rubinstein, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology  A Generic Randomized Algorithm for Combinatorial Optimization and Counting Using Gibbs Sampler with Cloning
17/4/2008 Hirofumi Matsuo, Kobe University, Japan Seven-Eleven Japan: SCM and Product Innovation
28/3/2008 Murat Fadıloğlu, Bilkent University Analysis of Inventory Systems with Backordering under Rationing: An Embedded Markov Chain Approach
25/3/2008 Candace Yano, University of California, Berkeley Inventory Decisions to Manage Profits under Accrual Accounting
11/1/2008 Marion Sabine Rauner, University of Vienna Challenges for Operations Research Applied to Health Services in the 21st Century
28/12/2007 Kaan Kuzu, Penn State University An Analysis of a Multi-server Ticket Queue with Abandonment
14/12/2007 Haldun Aytuğ, University of Florida  Minimizing capacity loss in the presence of random disruptions
7/12/2007 Tugba Cayırlı Assessment of Patient Classification in Appointment System Design
30/11/2007 Murat Kaya, Sabancı University  Dual Sales Channel Management with Service Competition: Analytical Analysis and Behavioral Experiments
21/11/2007 Emre Berk, Bilkent University  The Stochastic Joint Replenishment Problem: Models, Insights, Opportunities
28/9/2007 Anand Paul, University of Florida Inventory Management with Differentiated Service Levels