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Second Place, Wickham Skinner Best Paper Award 2016.

Finalist, MSOM Service Management SIG Prize, 2015.

IBM Faculty Award, 2011.

Finalist, 2011 Journal of Service Research Best Paper Award

Turkish Academy of Sciences, "Recognition Award in Social Sciences" (TÜBA Sosyal Bilimlerde Teşvik Ödülü: "Çağrı merkezi sistemlerinin tasarım ve yönetimlerini konu alan rassal modellerin genişletilmesine ve çözümlemesine yaptığı katkılar" nedeniyle) 2006.

Member of research team that won the Innovation Trophy of Bouygues, 2004.

Finalist, FedEx Excellence in Service Research Award, September 2000, for best article in the Journal of Service Research, Volume 2

Senior Fellow, Wharton Financial Institutions Center, 1997-current

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Participant, INFORMS Doctoral Colloquium, New Orleans, November 1995

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