Metin Muradoglu

Professor of Mechanical Engineering



Education (CV, Ozgecmis)

   Ph.D. 2000, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University.

   M.S. 1997, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University.

   B.S. 1992, Aeronautical Engineering, Istanbul Technical University(ITU).

Awards and Honors

         Encouragement Award, Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)  (2010) (See from the ceremony at Cankaya Kosku).

         Distinguished Young Scientist Award, Middle East Technical University (METU) Mustafa Parlar Science Foundation, (2009).

         Distinguished Young Scientist Award, Fevzi Akkaya Research Fund for Scientifc Activities(FABED) (2009).

         Distinguished Young Scientist Award, Turkish Academy of Sciences (TUBA) (2009).

         Travel Award by NNIN, Harvard University (2006).

         Travel Award by American Physical Society (2005).

         Harvard University-Koc University Exchange Scholar Fellowship (2004).

         Travel Award by IUTAM (2004).

         Jayesh Prize for Outstanding Fall Semester Student Talk: The Stability, Transition and Turbulence Seminar (STTS), Cornell University (1998).

         Clemson Internship Award, DOE/AGTSR (1998).

         Full Scholarship by Turkish Ministry of National Education for Graduate Study in the US (1994).

        Research Interests

  • Multiphase Flows in Bio/Micro Fluid Systems

Time-accurate (unsteady) computations of multiphase flows with applications in bio/microfluid flows. Computational Modeling of the processes involved in the concept of Lab-On-A-Chip. Biological flows and fluid-biomembrane interactions in incompressible flow fields.

  • Turbulence Modeling

Probability density function (PDF) modeling of turbulent flows, turbulent combustion and turbulence-combustion interactions.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

Modeling and computation of inviscid and viscous flows

about complex geometries including very low Mach number (incompressible) flows and transonic and hypersonic flows 

with shock waves. Fluid-structure interactions in bio/micro fluid systems.

  • Numerical Methods

Finite-Volume (FV) method, Langrangian particle method, Monte Carlo method, Hybrid FV/particle method, In-situ adaptive tabulation method for efficient solutions of complex chemical mechanisms, Pseudo-time stepping FV/Front tracking method for computations of multiphase flows, convergence acceleration methods such as mutigrid method and preconditioning  method.  


Selected Publications [ Google Scholar Citations ]

54) O. Erken, F. Romano, J.B. Grotberg, M. Muradoglu

 "Capillary instability of a two-layer annular film: An airway closure model", Journal of Fluid Mechanics (Submitted) (2021) 

53) D. Izbassarov, V. Vuorinen, Z. Ahmed, P. Costa, O. Tammisola, M. Muradoglu

 "Polymer drag reduction in surfactant contaminated turbulent bubbly channel flows", Physical Review Fluids (Submitted) (2021) 

52) S.A. Bahrani, S. Hamidouche, K. Seck, C. Duc, M. Muradoglu, J.B. Grotberg, F. Romano, "Rupture of an elastoviscoplastic liquid plug with surfactant", Physics of Fluids (Submitted) (2021)

51) H. Fujioka, F. Romano, M. Muradoglu, J.B. Grotberg

"A particle method for the propagation and split of a liquid plug at an airway bifurcation model", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, (Submitted) (2021) 

50) H. Turkeri, X. Zhao, M. Muradoglu

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45) M. Nooranidoost, D. Izbassarov, S. Tasoglu and M. Muradoglu 

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44) M. Muradoglu, F. Romano, H. Fujioka and J.B. Grotberg 

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43) Z. Rashid, A. Erten, B. Morova, M. Muradoglu, A. Jonas and A. Kiraz 

"Passive sorting of emulsion droplets with different interfacial properties using laser-patterned
surfaces",  Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 23(5): Art. No. 65 (2019). (pdf).

42) H. Nooranidoost, M. Hagshenas, M. Muradoglu and R. Kumar

"Cell encapsulation modes in a flow focusing microchannel: Effects of shell fluid viscosity",  Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 23(3): Art. No.31 (2019). (pdf).

41)  H. Turkeri, S.B. Pope and M. Muradoglu

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40)  H. Turkeri, X. Zhao, S.B. Pope and M. Muradoglu

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39)  M.N. Farooqi, D. Izbassarov, M. Muradoglu and D. Unat 

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38) E. Lepowsky M. Muradoglu and S. Tasoglu

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